What Did We Learn From Ferguson?

The announcement, when it finally came, was nearly thirty minutes late and delivered by St. Louis Prosecuting Attorney Robert McCulloch in a tone more appropriate for an undertaker. Perhaps McCullough knew the impact of what he was about to say, and perhaps he also realized just how badly he and the rest of the authorities […]

Quid Pro Quo

Now that President Obama has announced his executive action on immigration, which will allow approximately 5 million people to remain in the United States, the Republicans are tying themselves in knots trying to decide how they will “punish” the President (in the words of Texas GOP Senator Ted Cruz, who is always eager for an […]

Allow me a Moment of Outrage

Mike Huckabee, onetime Governor of Arkansas and occasional Republican candidate for President of the United States, has sunk to a new low, even for a hatemonger as prolific as he has been throughout his checkered career. Huckabee is traveling around the United States and Europe with dozens of conservative ministers on what he bills as […]

Get Ready…..Here Come the ‘I’ Words

Over the next two months, you will hear two subjects discussed endlessly in political circles and among the professional punditry class, and these two are intertwined in a manner we could never have imagined prior to last week’s midterm election. The two words are Immigration and Impeachment. Let’s start with immigration. It is only a […]