Guess Who Else Had A Private Email Account? Hint: It Rhymes With Jeb Bush

In politics, this is known as a “game changer.” And what has changed the game is the revelation that 2016 GOP contender Jeb Bush, much like former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, also had a second, private email account while he was Governor of Florida. Bush has previously released thousands of emails, but those communiques […]

Fox’s Andrea Tantaros: Focus On Campus Sexual Assault Is ‘A War On Boys’

Leave it to one of the intellectually-challenged hosts at Fox News to take the serious subject of campus sexual assault and attempt to spin it so it turns into a war on males. Andrea Tantaros, who is known for making asinine and fact-free statements on a daily basis, is the latest Fox talking head to […]

Ted Cruz Is Going On Obamacare!

If you’re looking for the perfect nugget of undiluted, unadulterated and purely perfect irony, it has just been provided by Texas Senator and 2016 GOP Presidential contender Ted Cruz. Cruz, just one day after announcing he will indeed seek the Republican Presidential nomination, told CNN’s Dana Bash that he is about to go on Obamacare. […]

Liberty University Students Were Forced To Attend Ted Cruz Speech

I’ve heard some pretty outrageous things in my life, but this one is destined to make my Top 10: The students at Liberty University either had to show for Ted Cruz’s Presidential campaign announcement speech yesterday or they would have been fined by the school! Yes, fined! So much for the right wing’s claims of […]

GOP Lawmaker: Air Force Cadets Must Pledge To God…There Is No ‘Freedom From Religion’

Another day and another Republican lawmaker wants to impose his religious beliefs on anyone and everyone he can think of. Only this time, the imposition would be upon members of the United States armed forces. Wouldn’t it be nice if the GOP decided to actually govern instead of just issuing dictates? Today’s culprit is Texas […]

Jerry Brown Has A Message For Ted Cruz: You Are ‘Unfit To Be Running’ For President

Ted Cruz is getting lots of attention today as he becomes the first Republican to officially announce his candidacy for the 2016 GOP Presidential nomination. But California Governor Jerry Brown has a sobering message for Cruz in light of the Senator’s recent comments in which he denied climate change was real. The message, in somewhat […]

Bill Introduced In Congress To Restore Federal Voting Rights To Felons

A bill was introduced this week in both the House and Senate which would restore voting rights in federal elections to nearly 6 million Americans who have felony convictions. Representative John Conyers of Michigan and Senator Ben Cardin of Maryland–both Democrats–jointly introduced The Democracy Restoration Act of 2015. If approved, the bill would allow all former […]

VP Joe Biden: Domestic Violence Is A ‘Public Health Epidemic’

Vice President Joe Biden often catches a lot of guff from right wing commentators and even the mainstream media, but you cannot accuse him of being passionless. When he feels strongly about an issue, he let’s you know exactly where he stands and doesn’t back down. Yesterday, the Vice President was speaking on a subject […]

Ben Carson Has No Clue About Foreign Policy…NONE!

I do not doubt for a single moment that potential 2016 GOP Presidential candidate Ben Carson is a brilliant man. He’s a freaking neurosurgeon, after all! But is he Presidential material? A recent interview he gave on the topic of foreign policy would suggest he isn’t. Dr. Carson was appearing on conservative talk show host Hugh […]