Sean Penn: Dick Cheney Is An ‘Embittered Bacteria Of Humanity’

I’ve always liked Sean Penn. Matter of fact, I think he’s one of the best actors of his generation. His performances in movies such as “Dead Man Waking,” “Mystic River,” and “Milk” are some of the finest moments of acting I think you’ll find in the past half-century of American cinema. But today, thanks to […]

Bernie Sanders Calls Out The GOP For Their 2016 Budget Proposal

Senator Bernie Sanders took one look at the latest budget proposal from Congressional Republicans and immediately said what needed to be said by every Democrat in the country: The GOP will not be happy until the wealthiest Americans have even more money. Sanders, during a meeting of the Senate Budget Committee Tuesday, excoriated the GOP […]

Jeb Bush Believes The Federal Minimum Wage Should Be Zero

Now we know that Jeb Bush is a typical Republican in one very telling way: He believes the private sector should set the minimum wage, not the government. So if a company wants to pay its workers 10 cents an hour, he’d be just fine with that. While speaking at an event in South Carolina […]

Missouri Lt. Governor: Eric Holder, Obama, Their ‘Minions’ More Racist Than Ferguson

Missouri Lieutenant Governor Peter Kinder says the protests in Ferguson, Missouri, were unwarranted and “based on a lie,” and that he believes there is more racism in the U.S. Department of Justice than there ever has been in the St. Louis area of his state. Feel free to laugh uncontrollably at this point. During an […]

Sam Brownback Says Abortion Restrictions Part Of ‘Pro-Economic Growth Agenda’ In Kansas

We’ve basically come to expect incredibly outrageous and even semi-incoherent pronouncements from Kansas Governor Sam Brownback over the years, but this time he’s really outdone himself. Just this past weekend, Brownback attempted to spin a restrictive anti-choice piece of legislation currently working its way through the Kansas legislature by saying it’s part of his plan […]

Charged With Nothing, Man In Oregon Is Still In Jail After 900 Days

Imagine, if you can, being incarcerated for 900 days, languishing in limbo, not allowed to leave prison even though you haven’t been charged with a crime. Sounds like something out of a Kafka novel or the kind of thing that would happen in a repressive country somewhere in the Third World. But it’s taking place […]

Rand Paul Says He Signed Iran Letter To Help President Obama

In what may well turn out to be one of the most bizarre forms of twisted, pretzel-like logic ever conceived, Kentucky Senator Rand Paul is now claiming he signed the highly controversial letter to the leadership of Iran as a way of helping President Obama while the Administration continues nuclear negotiations with Tehran. In an […]

Who Owns Senator Tom Cotton? The Pro-Israel Lobby Has Made A $1Million Down Payment

Freshman Arkansas Senator Tom Cotton, the chief architect of the highly controversial letter sent by 47 Senators to the government of Iran last week, may give lip service to the notion that he made such a move because he is concerned about the direction of the Obama Administration’s foreign policy decisions, but some large campaign […]

Scott Walker: Doing Away With Income Tax ‘Sounds Pretty Tempting’

If by chance Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker does indeed run for and win the 2016 Republican Presidential nomination, his Democratic opponent will be licking his or her chops in preparation of using some of his more ludicrous statements against him. Walker was in New Hampshire on Saturday, speaking to an enthusiastic crowd as he draws […]