Ted Cruz Gets Schooled By NASA Chief On Climate Change

Senator Ted Cruz, bless his heart, tries so darn hard to pretend he’s an intellectual and knows everything there is to know on every subject imaginable. But then he starts speaking and it soon becomes painfully obvious just how clueless he is. A perfect illustration of this took place Thursday while Teddy was chairing the Senate […]

GOP Texas Lawmaker Proposes Bill To Make Filming Police Illegal

A Republican state representative in Texas has introduced a bill that would make it illegal for private citizens to film the actions of police if they get within 25 feet of an officer. Representative Jason Villalba of Dallas said he believes the bill is necessary and defends it by adding: “My bill…just asks filmers to stand […]

Extreme Right Wing Radio Host Says Obama Is ‘Demon-Possessed’ And ‘Hitler Reincarnated’

I have to admit that before today, I had never heard of Rick Wiles. I didn’t even know he existed. But something tells me I won’t be forgetting his name anytime soon, because on March 11 he let rip with one of the most patently absurd claims I’ve heard in a long, long time. We […]

Arkansas Lawmaker Who Rehomed Daughters Now Says They Were ‘Possessed By Demons’

Arkansas GOP state representative Justin Harris, who rehomed two adopted daughters into the family of a man who later raped one of them, now says that he wanted the girls out of his house because they were “possessed by demons” and a threat to his biological children. The girl who was sexually abused is referred […]

Open Carry Activist Causes Lockdown At School, Then Taunts Police

An open carry activist in Madison, Michigan, caused a high school to be placed on lockdown last week, and then began taunting police officers who were called by parents who saw the man marching in front of the school while carrying a loaded shotgun. The incident occurred last Thursday morning when a man carrying a […]

Patriotism: Still The Last Refuge Of A Scoundrel

Forty-seven Republican members of Congress wrote and signed a letter to the leaders of Iran saying that even if they agree to halt their nuclear-enrichment program, the Senate must ratify all treaties and the next President may well void any agreement. The minute I heard about this, one word came to my mind: treason. Yes, […]

Rand Paul: Same-Sex Marriage ‘Offends’ Me

Isn’t Rand Paul supposed to be a Libertarian? And aren’t Libertarians supposed to believe in the primacy of individual judgment and freedom of choice in all issues? Then why did the Kentucky Senator say that same-sex marriage “offends” him? Oh, I know: Because he’s trying to curry favor with the right wing of the Republican […]

Ferguson, Missouri Judge Owes $172,000 In Unpaid Taxes

A judge in Ferguson, Missouri, who is known for jailing residents unable to pay even the smallest of fines, owes $172,000 in unpaid taxes–just the latest revelation to come out of this week’s report from the Department of Justice (DOJ). Judge Ronald J. Brockmeyer, who repeatedly incarcerated poor defendants that could not pay small fines—sometimes less […]

State Of Denial: Woman Claims Internet Proves The Newtown Shootings Never Happened

As hard as it is to imagine, there are actually some people in the world who are heartless enough to suggest that the 2012 shootings at the Sandy Hook school in Newtown, Connecticut, never really happened, and that the 28 people who perished — including 20 children — are alive and well. One such person appeared […]

GOP Lawmaker: Gays ‘Don’t Have A Right To Be Served In Every Single Store’

  Republican State Senator Joseph Silk of Oklahoma certainly has some interesting ideas when it comes to equality. And he’s even willing to impose his personal bias on an entire state. Senator Silk is sponsoring the Oklahoma Religious Freedom Restoration Act of 2015, which would allow businesses to refuse service to anyone they choose and yet […]