Trump Drops Out Of Debate, So Cruz Challenges Him To A ‘Mano a Mano’ Face-off

Ladies and gentlemen, the 2016 GOP race for the White House just got more personal and more real than it ever has. And you can thank Donald Trump and Ted Cruz for amping up the tension in what has already been a contentious battle for the top spot as the Iowa caucus approaches next week. […]

Carly Fiorina Goes BALLISTIC After Planned Parenthood Video Fakers Are Indicted (Video)

In an unexpected twist for right wingers who have been screaming for months that Planned Parenthood was selling body parts taken from aborted fetuses for money, the two main players who made the hidden camera videos–David Daleiden and Sandra Merritt–were indicted by a Texas grand jury on counts ranging from tampering with a governmental record […]

After Indictment Of Fake Planned Parenthood Video Makers, Right Wingers Go Nutso On Social Media

Back in 2015, when the Center for Medical Progress decided to release a series of hidden camera videos they said showed Planned Parenthood officials breaking the law by arranging to sell body parts from aborted fetuses, right wingers claimed it proved that the pro-choice community was aligned with murderers who profited off the death of […]

Bristol Palin Dares To Ask: Whose Voice Is More Annoying: My Mom’s Or Tina Fey’s?

If you missed Tina Fey’s return to “Saturday Night Live,” then allow me a moment to entertain you with this clip of Fey doing her spot-on impersonation of half-term Alaska Governor Sarah Palin: But Palin’s daughter, Bristol, apparently didn’t appreciate Fey making fun of her mother yet again, so she took to the internet and […]

GOP Senator Trolls Trump Via Twitter, Asks About His ‘Many Affairs’

Ben Sasse is a U.S. Senator from Nebraska. He’s not exactly a household name, but that may be about to change based on the things he posted on Twitter over the weekend. Sasse apparently had some free time on his hands, so he took the social media podium and began tossing out some dandy questions […]

WATCH Glenn Beck Get His Head Handed To Him On CNN For ‘Birthing Donald Trump’ (Video)

Glenn Beck is apoplectic, horrified, and consumed with fear and loathing because he thinks Donald Trump might just win the 2016 GOP nomination and destroy his beloved Republican party. How will the country ever survive without the hatred, racism, and massive tax cuts for the wealthy that the GOP wants to inflict on the nation? It […]

Welcome To Karmaland: Natalie Maines Of The Dixie Chicks Expertly Trolls Ted Cruz

Late last year Ted Cruz was asked a question during a debate. The question was about the Middle East, specifically if we should preserve dictatorships in the region or promote democracy, which dillholes like Cruz love to say they cherish as much as baseball, hot dogs, and apple pie. Here’s what Teddy Boy had to say: […]

Palin Flops–Trump Voters Totally Unimpressed With The Half-Term Governor

The early results from the campaign trail where Sarah Palin is stumping for Donald Trump are in, and that mavericky-bizzaro talking–nonsense kinda thing ain’t working well at all among the Trump faithful. Perhaps a Reuters reporter put it best with this snapshot of the first few days on the hustings with Palin: “When it comes […]

Federal Judge Says Walmart Must Reinstate And Pay Workers Fired For Striking

An administrative law judge with the Labor Relations Board has ordered Walmart to reinstate 16 workers the judge says were unlawfully fired for going on strike against the retailer. Walmart was also ordered to pay those who were fired back pay and expunge the disciplinary records of 38 other workers who were punished for being […]

Bill Maher Rips Into Sarah Palin For Blaming Her Son’s Behavior On President Obama

It’s been one helluva week for the Palin family. First, Sarah took the stage with Donald Trump and endorsed him in a rambling, largely incoherent speech. Then we learned that one of her sons, Track, had been arrested for assaulting his girlfriend. Mama Palin attempted to blame her son’s abysmal behavior on President Obama because […]