WTF?! Ted Cruz Makes Creepy Beastiality Joke About Trump, Weirds Out Millions

The GOP race for the White House has taken some strange, head-shaking turns over the past week. From the attack ad showing Trump’s wife Melania in a suggestive pose to Trump alleging he would “spill the beans” on Ted Cruz’s wife, Heidi, we appear to have entered a new level of surrealism that eclipses the […]

Ted Nugent: Guns Are Better Than Women–‘Guns Function Normally Every Day Of The Month’

Take a look at who’s back in the news: Our favorite douchebag NRA board member and washed-up former rock star, Ted Nugent. Guess old Ted wasn’t getting enough attention and felt slighted by the fact that his BFF Sarah Palin is managing to get more ink than him, so he had to go pull out […]

This 2016 Electoral Map Has Republicans Terrified

While the Republicans are playing out their sordid nomination drama–complete with candidates discussing the size of their genitals and attacking each other’s wives–they should be more focused on what happens in November should current front-runner Donald Trump be the nominee. The picture of what will transpire should the race wind up being Clinton-Trump is indeed […]

WATCH: Ted Cruz Cannot Answer A Simple Question From An NBC Reporter

Ted Cruz, so we are told, is a brilliant and effective lawyer. He is Harvard-educated, won numerous cases he argued before the U.S. Supreme Court when he was Solicitor General for the State of Texas. And yet when he was asked a very simple question yesterday by NBC reporter Hallie Jackson, he couldn’t provide a […]

Fox News Military Analyst: Cruz And Trump’s ISIS Plans Are ‘Goofy Loose Talk’

Ted Cruz and Donald Trump just love to say how they’d be tough on ISIS if they became Commander-in-Chief, but a military expert who can usually be relied on to slag President Obama and take the side of every Republican spewing out nonsense on military matters says both Cruz and Trump are full of crap. […]

WATCH: Donald Trump Featured In ISIS Video Celebrating Brussels Attacks

The Islamic State (ISIS) has released a new propaganda video in which they claim credit for the bombings in Brussels, Belgium, and also features the picture and voice of none other than the current GOP front-runner, Donald Trump. Shortly after the attacks in Belgium, Trump once again called for the use of waterboarding and other […]

Lindsey Graham Says The 2016 Race Is Over: ‘We Can Lose…And Probably Will’

Count South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham as one of the more realistic and honest members of the GOP, especially when it comes to the negative impact he feels Donald Trump is having on the Republican Party. Appearing on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” earlier today, Graham sounded quite downbeat when he considered the chances of the GOP […]

RWNJ Pastor Says ‘Mature’ Christians Should Back Trump, Even If He Is The Antichrist

OK, so I admit I’ve heard some really crazy, off-kilter, WTF things during this current Presidential campaign that have made me scratch my head and wonder just how massively ignorant some in this country have gotten, but what pastor Rick Joyner said this week is perhaps the most bizarre and inscrutable thing I’ve run across […]

WATCH: CBS Host Smacks Down Ted Cruz–‘You Don’t Even Know How Many Muslims Are In America’

Yesterday, shortly after the terrorist bombings in Brussels, our favorite serial-killer smile wearing weirdo Ted Cruz found the nearest microphone and declared: “We need to empower law enforcement to patrol and secure Muslim neighborhoods before they become radicalized.” When he was later asked if he wanted to clarify his statement–which would be blatantly illegal–Cruz decided […]

WATCH: According To Fox News, THIS Is What Caused The Attacks In Belgium

Like a fool, when I first saw the news this morning of what had happened in Brussels, Belgium–30 dead and another 230 wounded–I immediately thought that terrorists were responsible. But according to Fox News, all of us who believe that are sadly mistaken. On Fox today, on several occasions, it has been said that the […]