GOP Consultant: Trump ‘Had One Good Day Because He Didn’t Vomit All Over Himself’

So how’s that whole Trump 2.0 reboot going? He fired his longtime campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski, gave one speech filled with blatant lies about Hillary Clinton, and then traveled to Scotland to promote a golf course right as Britain was voting to leave the European Union. Oh, and his campaign only has $1.3 million in […]

Buyer’s Remorse: 1 Million Brits Sign Petition Calling For Brexit Re-Vote

A petition has begun circulating in Great Britain less than 24 hours after the Brexit vote which would call for a formal re-vote on the issue of the UK leaving the European Union. So far it has garnered over 1 million signatures. That is 10 times the number of signatures needed for it to be […]

Sarah Palin’s Idiotic Response To The Brexit Vote Is So Palin That It’ll Make Your Brain Hurt

The Brexit vote, in which British citizens voted to leave the European Union, is roiling financial markets around the world today. It could wind up throwing the British economy into a prolonged recession and also destabilizing all of Europe, which could lead to regional unrest and even war. But to hear Sarah Palin tell it, […]

Moronic NRA Radio Host ‘Explains’ The Civil Rights Movement To John Lewis (Video)

Some people, my paternal grandfather always said, are so stupid they don’t even realize how truly ignorant they are. Take, as the perfect example of this axiom, NRA News radio host Cam Edwards. Edwards got on his little podunk radio show today (funded in large part by the innocent blood shed by the plethora of weapons […]

Trump Now Courting Extremist Who Said Abortion Providers Should Be Put To Death

When Donald Trump met with and pandered to members of the religious right on Tuesday, one of those he spoke to and tried to court was a man named Troy Newman. Who is Troy Newman? He’s the head of the violent anti-abortion group Operation Rescue. As part of his wooing process, Newman reported that Trump […]

WATCH: Trump Supporter Screams At Hispanic Protester, ‘Go Make My F*cking Tortilla!’

Video has just surfaced of a white man at a Donald Trump rally held in Phoenix, Arizona, screaming at a Hispanic protester who showed up at the rally. In it, the man, who also has a white supremacist tattoo on him, tells the Latino protester: “Get the f*ck out of here — our country, motherf*cker, […]

GOP Insiders: Donald Trump Is Nothing But A ‘Total Fraud’

GOP insiders who have examined presumptive nominee Donald Trump’s most recent Federal Elections Commission filing–complete with dozens of payments to Trump–are now saying they’re convinced the Trump campaign may be nothing more than a scheme to enrich the real estate magnate. Just the fact that Trump’s campaign only reported $1.3 million cash on hand–compared to […]

Hillary Clinton: Trump Is Dangerous For The Economy; The ‘King Of Debt’ (Video)

In the key battleground state of Ohio today, presumptive Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton portrayed Donald Trump as a threat to the national economic health of the United States. Clinton tied her criticism of Trump to his record as a businessman, telling her audience: “You might think that because he has spent his life as a […]

New York Newspaper Shames The U.S. Senate With Unforgettable Cover (Photos)

Yesterday, the United States Senate–which is controlled by Republicans–failed to advance any of the four measures which would have, among other things, instituted universal background checks and not allowed those on the terrorist watch list to buy a gun which could be used for an attack such as the one which occurred in Orlando and […]

Trump Campaign Manager Was Fired At The Demand Of Trump’s Children

In case you missed it, earlier this morning Donald Trump fired his campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski, and did so with a terse statement his press secretary gave the media which read: “The Donald J. Trump Campaign for President, which has set a historic record in the Republican Primary having received almost 14 million votes, has […]