WATCH: RNC Spokesman Gets OWNED By MSNBC Host

I have to admit I delight in watching as members of the GOP tie themselves in knots attempting to defend their nominee, Donald Trump. They have no choice but to show up for interviews, but that’s when the fun really begins, just like it did this morning on MSNBC. RNC Communications Director Sean Spicer was […]

Washington Post CRUSHES Rudy Giuliani For Suggesting Hillary Is Sick

It’s tempting to call this the “silly season” in American Presidential politics, but when isn’t it with Donald Trump and his numerous intellectually challenged surrogates and spokespeople? The most annoying of those surrogates in recent weeks has been former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani, who seems determined to make sure no one forgets him. […]

Trump Spokesperson Tries To Defend Immigration Change, Gets Laughed At On-Air (VIDEO)

Last night at a town hall meeting broadcast on Fox News, GOP Presidential nominee Donald Trump did a complete 180 degree turn when he said he will not deport 11 million Hispanic immigrants from the United States even though he’s been saying he would do exactly that for the past 14 months. This morning on CNN, […]

Hateful Right-Wing Windbag Phyllis Schlafly Wants To Deny Disaster Services To Those Who Don’t Speak English

Those who are having to endure the flooding disaster in Louisiana face the prospect of years of rebuilding and may never be able to replace all of their possession or mementos such a family heirlooms and photographs. FEMA is already on the ground and President Obama has greenlighted millions of dollars in federal aid to […]

New Book On Trump–‘Trump Revealed’–Shows A Man Of Endless Contradictions (VIDEO)

Some writers have what can best be called “perfect timing,” and two in particular–Marc Fisher and Michael Kranish–may have timed their latest book on Donald Trump better than anyone ever has. Fisher and Kranish, who work as reporters for the Washington Post, have just released a book about Trump entitled Trump Revealed, and what it […]

WATCH: This Drag Queen Talking To Trump Supporters Is The Video You MUST SEE!

Question: If you could send anyone in the world to cover a Trump rally and talk to some of the brainless morons who support the Orange Menace, who might it be? The first name that comes to mind for me is Rachel Maddow, but then I saw the video below and came to the realization […]

Here’s A Few Of The HIGHLY OFFENSIVE Things Roger Ailes Allegedly Called People At Fox News

Former Fox News CEO Roger Ailes is already the defendant in several sexual harassment lawsuits which have been filed by woman who worked at the network during his tenure, and now more details of Ailes’ alleged behavior are coming to light as a result of the legal actions against him. Based on a lawsuit which […]

Now That Others Are Paying For It, Trump Just Raised What He Charges The Campaign For Rent On Trump Tower

Donald Trump is a walking, talking, preening lie machine, and perhaps the biggest of all the lies he’s told over the past year since he entered the race is this one: “I’m self-funding my campaign.” He isn’t and never has. Come to think of it, he never will, either. Trump has been begging for donations […]

Sean Hannity Now Serving As Advisor And Mouthpiece For Donald Trump

Fox News host Sean Hannity is one of Donald Trump’s biggest cheerleaders, and he’s probably the only person on the face of the planet who’s as obnoxious and annoying as the Orange Menace himself. Hannity’s nightly show on Fox is an hour of Trump boosterism and Clinton trashing. And yet Fox News has the nerve […]

NEW POLL Out Of Key Battleground State Ohio Is Shaking Up The Race For The White House

For Donald Trump, Ohio may be the single most important state he needs to secure if he hopes to be the next President of the United States. No Republican has won the general election without carrying Ohio since Richard Nixon in 1968. Which means the latest poll out of the Buckeye State so troubling for […]