WATCH Trey Gowdy Say Devin Nunes Never Talked About Russia With Trump–P.S. Nunes SAID HE DID!

Republicans sure are forgetful these days, aren’t they? Whether it’s any number of Trump administration officials saying they never met with any Russians (they did) or the Fabricator-in-Chief claiming he didn’t actually say that President Obama wiretapped him (he said it, doubled down on it, and then turned it into a talking point), there’s a lot […]

Paul Krugman: There’s A Much Bigger Con Man In American Politics Than Donald Trump

You can certainly be forgiven if you think Donald Trump is the most blatant liar and con man in Washington, D.C., a city which is known for political double-talk and broken promises. Virtually every word that leaves Trump’s mouth is a blatant fabrication, but Nobel Prize-winning economist Paul Krugman says the healthcare debate proved there […]

BREAKING: Michael Flynn Has Reportedly Flipped On Trump And Is Cooperating With The FBI

CNN analyst Juliette Kayyem has set off a firestorm of attention this evening with a tweet she just posted: From my sources and what has been openly reported, it increasingly looks like #Flynn may have a deal with the FBI. #trumprussia — Juliette Kayyem (@juliettekayyem) March 25, 2017 After Kayyem posted, Seth Abramson of […]

British Journalist: ‘I Sense Panic At The White House’ As Trump-Russia Probe Expands (VIDEO)

This was a very bad week for the Trump administration. It began with the House Intelligence Committee hearings on the Trump-Russia connection and ended with a humiliating loss on Trumpcare legislation. But British journalist Louise Mensch said on Real Time Friday evening that the Russia matter is generating the greatest discomfort at the White House. […]

WATCH MSNBC’s Chris Hayes School A Conservative Idiot For His Ignorance Of Muslims

You’ve probably heard conservatives–including the inept American head of state–say that if we would just call terrorism “radical Islamic terrorism,” all would be right with the world and we’d be well on our way to defeating terrorists around the globe. And yet, as we saw this week in London, all the words in the world […]

EXPOSED: RNC Paid Nearly $50K To Russian-Linked Intel Firm To Secure Dirt On Hillary Clinton

Politico is now reporting that the Republican National Committee paid a shadowy firm it contracted with to gather damaging information on 2016 Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton. The RNC paid $41,500 to Hamilton Trading Group (HTG), a Virginia-based private company run by former CIA operatives. Hamilton then subcontracted with a Russian spy in a hunt for […]

MSNBC Host: Donald Trump Is ‘The Laziest, Most Ignorant President In History’ (VIDEO)

As he so often does when he doesn’t get his way, Donald Trump is acting like a bratty, spoiled child because the House of Representatives won’t do exactly what he wants them to do regarding his deeply flawed repeal and replace legislation for the Affordable Care Act, aka Obamacare. Things got so contentious Thursday evening […]

Deranged Oklahoma Republican Calls Rape And Incest The ‘Will Of God’ (VIDEO)

Seems like lots of Republicans not only claim to know what’s best for a woman when it comes to her body and the reproductive choices she makes, but also what God thinks on the matter. Take Oklahoma GOP State Representative George Faught, who has authored a bill which would make it illegal for anyone to have […]

Trump’s Interview With Time Magazine Proves Insanity Has Completely Overtaken Him

For some time now, we’ve all suspected that Donald Trump’s constant lying, penchant for conspiracy theories, and postings on social media might indicate that he’s mentally unhinged. But an interview he just gave to Time magazine proves his mental instability is worse than we could have ever imagined. In the interview, Trump denied he had […]

New York Newspaper Trolls Trump BIGLY With Its Dr. Evil Cover

How sweet it would be to see Donald Trump’s face when he encounters the Wednesday edition of the New York Daily News! Yep, right there on the cover they’ve got the so-called president as Dr. Evil from the Austin Powers movies, and you gotta admit it’s very appropriate: The Daily News hasn’t been shy about […]