7 Photos That Prove What A Pathetic Person Donald Trump Is

Donald Trump is a very vain and thin-skinned person. He loves being the center of attention, but he cannot stand to be the butt of a joke. As you might expect, there are some photos of Trump that he absolutely hates, either because they make him look ridiculous or subject him to ridicule. Here’s seven […]

WATCH An Idiotic Fox Host Say America Is The ‘Least Racist Country In The History Of Humankind’

No matter what he does, who he insults or how many women he grabs by the genitals, President Trump can always count on the intellectually-challenged dullards at Fox News to have his back. After spending most of the weekend insulting as many sports figures as he could find (all of them, tellingly, being black), Trump […]

Insecure Donnie Whines, ‘To Me, Winning The Popular Vote Is Easier’ (VIDEO)

Here we go again. President Trump, who walks around in a state of perpetual inadequacy, once again addressed the fact that while he won the 2016 election, he hasn’t gotten over the fact that Hillary Clinton garnered nearly 3 million more votes than he did. At a rally for incumbent GOP Senator Luther Strange in […]

Democratic Congressman Warns: Trump ‘Prepping’ Crisis To Halt Russia Probe (VIDEO)

Donald Trump–even as incredibly dense as he can be at times–has to know that Special Counsel Robert Mueller is getting closer to proving his treachery with each passing day. This week brought more revelations about former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort now being squarely in Mueller’s crosshairs. Manafort was reportedly warned that he will be indicted, and […]

New Report Details Trump’s Extensive Ties To Russian Mafia, Worldwide Money Laundering Operations

While he often claims he has no connections to Russia or Russian business interests, a groundbreaking new report from Bloomberg View suggests that President Trump has numerous partnerships with Russian organized crime and has benefited from money laundering operations which reach around the globe. Rubles Spend Just Like Dollars In 2007, as part of a […]

WATCH The New Documentary That Proves Trump Is In Bed With The Russian Mafia

For years, there have been rumors that President Trump has numerous connections to members of organized crime in the United States and overseas. And now a new documentary from German public television confirms that Trump is indeed in bed with some very unsavory characters. The film, entitled Dangerous Ties – Trump And His Business Partners, carefully […]

Facing Imminent Indictment, Manafort Prepares To Leave The United States

This hasn’t been a very good week for former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort. He’s facing indictment by a federal grand jury, under investigation by multiple Congressional committees, and could also be looking at decades in prison if found guilty of the charges which could be lodged against him by Special Counsel Robert Mueller. So, […]

Fox News Legal Analyst Says Robert Mueller May Have Trump In Checkmate (VIDEO)

How badly are things going for President Trump this week on the Russia investigation front? So bad that even a normally supportive Andrew Napolitano of Fox News is suggesting that Trump could be in very big legal trouble. Appearing on Shepherd Smith Reporting, Napolitano said that if former campaign chairman Paul Manafort is indicted by Special Counsel Robert […]

All Signs Say That Mueller Probably Has Trump’s Tax Returns – Here’s Why

Back in July, during an interview with The New York Times, President Trump was asked if Special Counsel Robert Mueller would be crossing a red line if he began looking into Trump’s business dealings, taxes, and deals his family members may have made. The president responded: “I would say yes. I think that’s a violation. Look, this […]

Trump’s Attorneys May Have Accidentally Given Mueller A Slam Dunk Case

If President Trump thought that high-priced attorneys would be able to shield him from culpability in the investigation being led by Special Counsel Robert Mueller, the actions of two of his lawyers may have actually helped hand the case to Mueller on a silver platter. Trump attorneys John Dowd and Ty Cobb were overheard discussing […]