Judge Slams The Brakes On Trump’s Pardon Of Joe Arpaio (DETAILS)

Seeing as how he knows virtually nothing about how the federal government works or the powers of the different branches–executive, judicial, and legislative–it may come as one hell of a surprise when President Trump learns that his pardon of former Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio is not as complete as he imagined. Yes, Trump did indeed […]

WATCH Ana Navarro DESTROY A Trump Supporter For Defending The Lawless POTUS

While many Republicans are refusing to criticize Donald Trump for the dismissal of FBI Director James Comey and his shifting explanations for why he fired Comey, GOP strategist and CNN analyst Ana Navarro said Friday that she’s sick and tired of how some members of the Republican Party are enabling Trump’s lawless actions. Appearing along […]

Paul Krugman: Future Historians Could Say That ‘American Democracy Died In May 2017’

It’s been a disturbing and at times surreal week in Washington, D.C. From the sudden dismissal of FBI Director James Comey to the endless lying emanating from both the so-called president and his spokespeople, it’s enough to make you wonder if indeed American democracy is in peril. Nobel Prize-winning economist Paul Krugman thinks we could […]

Ex-NSA Analyst: White House ‘Targeting Journalists’ With Assistance Of Russian Intel

Donald Trump hates the press. With the exception of the brainless twerps at Fox News, Trump considers the news media an adversary, out to get him and determined to make him look ridiculous. As if he needs any help in that regard. Since he took the oath of office, the alleged president has all but […]

Top Obama Adviser Responds To Trump’s Paranoid ‘Wiretap’ Tweets, And It’s EPIC!

As the investigation into Donald Trump and his campaign’s connection to and collusion with Russia reveals more possibly criminal behavior on the part of the so-called president, the Con Man-in-Chief sent out some tweets early Saturday morning: Is it legal for a sitting President to be "wire tapping" a race for president prior to an […]

Thuggish Reince Priebus: ‘The Head Of Government Ethics Ought To Be Careful’ (VIDEO)

In case you were wondering exactly how Donald Trump would avoid conflicts of interest regarding his business holdings and his duties as president, the answer was revealed this week: He won’t avoid them, he just doesn’t think the rules apply to him. And then Sunday on This Week, incoming chief of staff Reince Priebus went […]

Kellyanne Conway: If You Criticize Trump, Expect To Face ‘Consequences’ (VIDEO)

Republicans love to talk about having “respect for the Constitution,” but what they really mean is they respect certain parts of the document which governs the country and ignore anything they disagree with. They love the Second Amendment and think everyone should tote a semiautomatic weapon around, but should you choose to disagree with one […]

Pence Confirms: Torture Of Suspects Will Be Reinstated Under Trump (VIDEO)

On several occasions during the 2016 race for the White House, Donald Trump made statements similar to this one: “(I’ll) bring back a hell of a lot worse than waterboarding.” Was that just posturing, a tactic Trump used to appear tough to American voters? Based on what Mike Pence said earlier today on Face the Nation, […]

The Most Racist Sheriff In America Is About To Be Swept Away In A Landslide

The latest polling numbers out of Maricopa County, Arizona, are great news for those who have been trying to oust the racist asshat of a sheriff we know by the moniker Sheriff Joe. An Arizona Republic/Morrison/Cronkite News poll just released shows Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s Democratic challenger,  Paul Penzone, leading the incumbent Arpaio-who proudly brags about being […]

WTF?! Arizona Sheriff: Take A Gun If You Go Hiking So You Can Shoot Mexicans

Pinal County, Arizona Sheriff Paul Babeau has a bit of friendly advice he wants to impart to anyone who might be thinking of going hiking in his county: Be sure and take a gun with you, because you might just have to shoot some Mexican cartel members. Babeau’s office issued a statement saying that Mexican cartels […]