Biden And Obama Expertly Troll The Thin-Skinned Trump In Brilliant New Campaign Ad

If there’s one thing we’ve learned over the past four years of the current administration, it’s that Donald Trump is absolutely obsessed with former President Barack Obama. He constantly complains about his predecessor and even tries to reverse or destroy every program put into place during Obama’s two terms in office. So it seems only […]

Is Donald Trump On The Verge Of Giving Ghislaine Maxwell A Presidential Pardon?

Something very strange transpired at Tuesday’s Coronavirus Task Force press conference, which was really just Donald Trump standing up and rambling wildly before he took a few questions from reporters. One of those questions was about accused sex trafficker Ghislaine Maxwell, who is current in federal custody and facing felony charges that could wind up […]

Trump Supporters Are Absolutely FURIOUS With Their Savior For Urging Americans To Wear A Mask

On Monday, not long after he announced that he would be restarting the daily Coronavirus Task Force meetings, Donald Trump finally got around to suggesting that it’s a good idea for Americans to wear a protective mask as a way of helping control spread of the deadly disease: We are United in our effort to […]

New Documentary Explores Trump’s Decades-Long Connections To Organized Crime

For decades, there have been rumors that Donald Trump has or once had connections to the mafia in New York, especially since he was involved in high-stakes real estate and large portions of the construction industry in the Empire State are believed to be wholly or partially controlled by organized crime. A new Netflix docuseries, […]

Ghislaine Maxwell Convinced Epstein Was Murdered In Prison And Terrified She Will Be, Too

According to a new report, Ghislaine Maxwell is afraid she’s going to meet the same fate as her former lover, Jeffrey Epstein, and wind up dead in a prison cell, the victim of murder. The Sun reports that Maxwell, who is currently being held at the Brooklyn Metropolitan Detention Center (MDC) federal lockup, told a […]

Viral Photo Of Trump Golfing With Lindsey Graham Sets Off Waves Of Laughter And Speculation

On Saturday, as the nation was mourning the passing of Rep. John Lewis (D-GA), who marched with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. during the darkest days of Jim Crow segregation in the Deep South, Donald Trump went golfing in Virginia, taking along Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC). The two played for a couple of hours, and […]

Mary Trump Burns The Donald Down By Reminding Him Of His Embarrassing Inadequacy

After Donald Trump’s niece, Mary, did an in-depth, hour-long interview with Rachel Maddow on Thursday evening, the president couldn’t resist responding the next day, asserting that she was a “seldom seen niece” whom he dismissed by calling her “a mess.” Here’s the three tweets the president sent out regarding the Maddow-Mary Trump interview. And it’s […]

Republicans Fear Lindsey Graham’s ‘Hail Mary’ Plan To Get Trump Reelected Will Doom Them Both

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) thinks he may have a brilliant way of helping Donald Trump get reelected, but most members of the GOP don’t share his enthusiasm for the harebrained plan he’s cooked up to help save the bacon of the incumbent president. Egged on by Trump, Graham has decided that he’s going to call […]

McConnell Has ‘Given Up’ On Trump Being Reelected And Is Now Preparing For The Worst: Report

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) is making it clearer by the day that he fully expects Donald Trump to lose his bid for a second term in office, so he’s decided to try and mitigate expected GOP losses in the Senate while preparing to hamstring Joe Biden the minute he takes office. How can […]

‘Ticking Economic Time Bomb’ May Destroy What Remains Of Trump’s Fading Reelection Prospects

As he continues to flail around searching for a message, Donald Trump is clearly aware that the one issue he thought would be his ticket to a second term in office — a strong economy — is evaporating by the day, and could wind up being his biggest Achilles’ heel, the very thing that destroys […]