WATCH The Fox & Friends Gang Blame Trump’s North Korea Nuke Showdown On…Obama!

Perhaps you were under the impression that the increased tension between the United States and North Korea could be blamed largely on President Trump and his hyperbolic statement on Tuesday that the North Koreans would be “met with fire and fury” if they issued any further threats. But, thanks to Fox News, we now know […]

Warmonger Oliver North Suggests Putting ‘Tactical Nukes’ In S. Korea To Confront Kim Jong Un

The tense standoff with North Korea and its maniacal leader, Kim Jong Un, could well escalate in the near future and bring the United States to the brink of outright war in the region. Yet there are some less than stable figures from the past who are now suggesting that we make the situation worse. […]

Ex-NSA Analyst: Trump Is ‘Expendable’ To Putin–POTUS Should Be Terrified Of What’s Next

With the passage of a new sanctions bill by Congress which President Trump says he will sign, along with the Russian move to expel 755 American diplomats in retaliation, it would appear that the two nations are on the brink of a second Cold War. Ex-NSA analyst John Schindler, who has written extensively on the Trump-Russia […]

With One Tweet, Trump Exposed A Covert Military Program Being Used In Syria (TWEETS)

As if President Trump hadn’t already done enough to endanger the national security of the United States by cozying up to Russia and then attempting to subvert the investigation into the matter, we now have Trump exposing a covert military program in Syria via his Twitter feed. Monday evening, Trump read a story in the Washington Post about his ending […]

Report: Putin’s Collection Of Congressional Puppets Existed Long Before Installing Trump

At about the same time Donald Trump Jr. was meeting with several Russians in June of 2016, a new report suggests that a Republican member of Congress from California had already begun to do the bidding of the Kremlin in an effort to get sanctions modified or lessened. According to The Daily Beast:  “After being given […]

Ann Coulter: Syrian President Assad Is ‘One Of The Better Leaders’ In The Middle East

As much as Ann Coulter dearly loves Donald Trump, she’s not exactly thrilled with his decision to launch cruise missiles at Syria last week. Appearing on Tucker Carlson’s show Wednesday evening, Coulter said she was disappointed Trump had chosen the path of “starting pointless wars.” Coulter doubled down on the theme with her daily column, writing: […]

Lindsey Graham Puckered Up And Gave Trump’s A*s A Giant Kiss On ‘Meet The Press’ (VIDEO)

South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham has been one of the most consistent Republican critics of the so-called president, Donald Trump, reluctant to jump aboard the bandwagon of GOPers who are only too happy to salute no matter what the Liar-in-Chief happens to say. But on Meet the Press Sunday, Graham did a complete 180, giving […]

Haley, Tillerson Contradict Each Other On Issue Of Regime Change In Syria

Just days after the United States launched cruise missiles at a military airfield in Syria, it appears that two of the Trump administration’s top diplomats have absolutely no idea whether or not Syrian president Bashar Assad should remain in power. UN Ambassador Nikki Haley, appearing on CNN’s State of the Union, told host Jake Tapper […]

WATCH Nikki Haley Get Booed When She Says Donald Trump Is Tough On Russia

The Trump administration’s failure to aggressively push back on Russia for its hostile actions across the world–i.e. Syria, Ukraine–has emboldened Vladimir Putin, but to hear White House officials tell it, the so-called president is tough on the Russians. Appearing at a “Women in the World” summit in New York on Thursday evening, UN Ambassador Nikki […]

The Vise Tightens: Darrell Issa Calls For Special Prosecutor To Investigate Trump-Russia Connection

Appearing on Real Time With Bill Maher Friday evening, Darrell Issa, Chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, said he believes a special prosecutor should be appointed to investigate the Trump administration’s ties to Russia and Russian influence on the 2016 election. Maher asked Issa if he would have “let it slide” had the […]