Trump Faithful Turn On Fox News In Droves, Brand It ‘Fake

Ever since he decided to run for president, Fox News has been one of Donald Trump’s biggest cheerleaders, devoting fawning coverage to him and defending even his most revolting actions and statements. In return, President Trump has granted the network exclusive interviews and even praised them via Twitter, declaring them the only news outlet that isn’t, […]

As Advertisers Abandon His Show In Droves, Sean Hannity Suddenly Goes On Vacation

Could Sean Hannity be the next Fox News evening host that gets booted from the network? Judging by recent developments, it sure looks that way. Hannity, who has seen several major advertisers flee his evening broadcast in recent weeks due to his obsession with pushing a conspiracy theory about the death of former DNC staffer […]

Facing An Ad Boycott For His Hateful Conspiracy Theories, Hannity Has A Twitter Meltdown (TWEETS)

Sean Hannity is scared to death he’s about to be booted off Fox News, but he’s not willing to take any of the blame if that winds up happening. In recent weeks, Hannity has been spinning one of his patented batshit crazy conspiracy theories regarding the death of former DNC staffer Seth Rich. Rich’s family […]

WATCH A Fox Host Motion For Video Of Trump Bowing To Be Cut During Interview With Kellyanne Conway

Donald Trump, the King of Lies and Fox News, the propaganda outlet of right wingers everywhere. Yes, it’s a match made in conservative heaven, and the two make sure to protect each other every chance they get. In recent months, Trump has said the following about Fox News: Such amazing reporting on unmasking and the […]

WATCH The ‘Fox & Friends’ Gang Say Of Roger Ailes, ‘He Saved This Country By Starting’ Fox News

Well, apparently we had a new savior among us and didn’t realize it until it was too late. According to the eternally brainless simpletons at the Fox News morning show Fox & Friends, the death of former Fox News chairman Roger Ailes at the age of 77 is a great tragedy and a huge loss […]

Fox News As*hole Has To Apologize For Calling Autistic Child A ‘Snowflake’ (VIDEO)

No doubt you’ve heard the expression used by those on the right, especially those who support the illegitimate president currently residing at the White House: Snowflake. It’s mean to suggest that someone is delicate and their sensibilities easily upset. But now a Fox News contributor is having to eat her words and offer an apology […]

Fox News Catches Social Media Hell For Tweeting Out ‘Dishonest’ Trump Job Numbers (TWEETS)

Fox News has long been the home of half-truths, lies, and outright propaganda on behalf of the Republican party. While Donald Trump loves to talk about “fake news,” Fox has been specializing in that art form for decades. But this time they’ve been caught and called out for their deception. On Saturday, Fox News tweeted […]

‘Fox And Friends’ Imbeciles: Jesus Wasn’t A Refugee, His Family Moved To Pay Their Taxes (VIDEO)

As much as right wingers like to claim how much they love the Bible (alleged president Trump even calls it his favorite book, but cannot quote his favorite verse), they sure are ignorant when it comes to some of the most basic facts of scripture. Last week, Reverend Al Sharpton posted this message on Twitter […]

WATCH Tucker Carlson Get His A*s Handed To Him By A ‘Teen Vogue’ Writer

Fox host Tucker Carlson got a hell of a lot more than he bargained for when he invited Teen Vogue writer Lauren Duca on his show Friday evening to discuss Ivanka Trump. The back-and-forth began when Carlson decided to call Duca out for a tweet she sent out shortly after Ivanka had been confronted on […]

WATCH Bill O’Reilly Defend White Supremacy In The United States

Fox News host Bill O’Reilly is a blowhard, a bully, and one of the most uninformed men to ever appear on television. But it turns out he also happens to be a white supremacist who thinks Democrats want “power taken away from the white establishment.” Tuesday evening on his show, O’Reilly was criticizing those who […]