GOP Congressman: Govt. Providing Healthcare Steals ‘The Fruits Of My Labor’ (VIDEO)

Michael Burgess is a Republican Congressman from Texas, but before he was elected, he was a doctor. Yet when he was asked Tuesday evening about the government providing healthcare for people, he sounded like the biggest money-grubbing jerk to ever walk the face of the planet. Appearing on MSNBC’s Hardball, Burgess was asked by host Chris Matthews: […]

WATCH Joy Reid Fact Check A Trump Apologist Into Silence

With each new revelation about contacts between members of the Trump associates and Russian operatives, those who support the president create new, increasingly ridiculous talking points in an attempt to shift the discussion away from the White House. On AM Joy Sunday, conservative activist Herb London was a panel member for a discussion about Donald Trump Jr.’s […]

WATCH Joy Reid Make A Trump Supporter Squirm When Asked About The Russia Probe

Those who support President Trump are eager to try and downplay the revelations that his son, Donald Jr. and two other members of his 2016 campaign met with a Russian attorney and former Russian intelligence officer in June of last year, but no matter how hard they try to spin the meeting, the facts–and appearance […]

WATCH: Trump Supporter Gets Mocked For Calling The Donald A ‘Genius’

Donald Trump may be a lot of things–a bully, a braggart, a blowhard, an impulsive man-child–but as he’s proven repeatedly since he became president, he most certainly isn’t the sharpest knife in the drawer. Despite that, Trump supporter and former GOP Congressman Jack Kingston chose to defend Trump on CNN Friday evening, even going so […]

WATCH Ana Navarro DESTROY Trump Flack Katrina Pierson On Live TV

The always annoying, ignorant, and completely ridiculous Trump shill Katrina Pierson is back, and she’s probably wishing she had stayed home instead of showing up for a debate on CNN with former GOP strategist Ana Navarro on the issue of healthcare. Pierson represents a super PAC which ran attack ads against Nevada Republican Senator Dean […]

Brainless Trump Son: My Daddy Has ‘Accomplished More Than Any President In History’

How bad are things going for President Trump these days? So bad that he’s got his clueless spawn doing interviews in the hopes of boosting his sagging poll numbers. Prince of Dunces Eric Trump was the guest on Fox Business Channel Sunday, where he was interviewed by hack host Maria Bartiromo. Eric began by declaring: “He’s […]

Whiny Ivanka Trump Tells Fox News: ‘There Is A Level Of Viciousness That I Wasn’t Expecting’ (VIDEO)

Ivanka Trump cannot believe how rough and tumble things are in Washington, D.C. Which begs the question: What deserted island has she been living on? Yes, the First Daughter was a guest Monday morning on Fox & Friends, and was asked if she had been surprised by how hard it is to get things done […]

WATCH A GOP Congressman Say James Comey’s Testimony Should Be About Hillary’s Emails

As the entire country awaits testimony from former FBI Director on Thursday–which could well spell the beginning of the end for President Trump–a Republican member of Congress went on CNN Wednesday morning and said he thinks Comey should be asked about Hillary’s emails. Francis Rooney (R-FL), told CNN host Alisyn Camerota that he’s hopeful the […]

Kellyanne Conway FREAKS OUT When ‘Today’ Hosts Ask About Trump’s Tweets (VIDEO)

Donald Trump loves Twitter. He says he uses it because it allows him to get his message directly to the American people: “I can do messages around the media and get my word out, the way I mean my word. I don’t have to have the media distort my message, because they go out of their […]

WATCH Eric Trump Declare The Russia Controversy ‘A Total Hoax’

If you weren’t already convinced that President Trump and numerous members of the White House staff are trying to hide something when it comes to the investigation into whether or not there was collusion and cooperation between the head of state and Russian operatives, then what his son Eric said on Fox News should pretty […]