Trump Surrogate Gets Mocked For Pay-To-Play Hypocrisy Of President-Elect (VIDEO)

During the 2016 race for the White House, Donald Trump repeatedly accused former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton of using the Clinton Foundation as a way of enriching herself by providing favors to those who would make large donations. Trump said it was the perfect example of “pay-for-play.” But now it appears Trump and his […]

GOP Strategist Says Republicans Need To Face Facts: Trump Is Corrupt (VIDEO)

Some Republicans are getting very nervous about Donald Trump’s refusal to place his extensive business holdings in a blind trust, and they’re warning that refusal–along with questions about the Trump Foundation–could have catastrophic consequences for the President-elect and the GOP. Wednesday on CNN, GOP strategist Ana Navarro said lots of Republicans who have embraced Trump […]

BREAKING: Trump Nearing Settlement In Trump University Fraud Case

Even though Donald Trump brags that he never ever settles lawsuits which are filed against him, it now appears that he is about to settle the class action fraud lawsuit brought against him in the Trump University matter, according to a report from CNBC. Sources close to the case told a reporter that Trump would […]

Donnie Grifter: Trump Took $17 Million From Insurance Company For Non-Existent ‘Hurricane Damage’

As has long been suspected, Donald Trump is a con man extraordinaire. He doesn’t care who he rips off, who he screws out of a buck, or who suffers as long as he gets his payday. He’s a grifter masquerading as a businessman. Back in the old West, Donald Trump would have been a horse […]

BREAKING: Author Who Has Seen Trump’s Tax Returns Says He’s Not Even A Billionaire (VIDEO)

Might it be possible that all of Donald Trump’s bragging about being “really rich” is just another of his lies? Could the Donald actually not be a billionaire and only be worth a measly few hundred million? That’s the contention of author Tim O’Brien. O’Brien, who wrote the 2004 book TrumpNation: The Art of Being The […]

Trump Campaign Issues ‘Emergency’ Appeal For Donors To Raise $100,000

In yet another sign that the Trump for President campaign is in total disarray, an “emergency” fundraising appeal was sent out via email Saturday morning, practically begging supporters to raise $100,000 by midnight so Trump can run television ads to counter those running against him from Hillary Clinton. The email begins: “Right now we’re facing […]

EXPOSED: Elizabeth Warren Calls Out Investment Firms For Lying To Consumers And Congress

Perhaps you’ve seen the commercials that run from time to time on television regarding a rather obscure subject to most of us: the Conflict of Interest rule. Simply put, this new rule requires that investment advisers act in the best interest of their clients instead of their own. Makes sense, doesn’t it, but the insurance […]

Study: Conservative States Rely Much More On Federal Aid

Republicans just love to blame every problem in the world on the federal government. Did you just crash your car? Must be them damn federally-funded highways. Can’t find a job? It’s all the fault of what they’re doing in Washington. House just got washed away by a hurricane? Gotta be Obama’s fault. Yet, according to […]

Heartless Bastard: Trump Once Took Away A Sick Child’s Medical Insurance!

We all know that Donald Trump is an asshole of major proportions, perhaps the biggest gasbag to ever seek the White House, and that’s really saying something when you look back at the history of those who have run for that office. But the way Trump treated his own family during an internal feud helps us […]

Bank Fires Staff, Then Demands They Come To Work The Next Two Years For Free

SunTrust Banks is a huge multinational corporation with $189 billion in assets. Clearly, the banking business has indeed been profitable for SunTrust. Which makes what they recently told about 100 employees so puzzling. The bank recently let over 100 highly trained IT workers go, but it’s trying to retain their services for free by attaching […]