New York Newspaper Shames The U.S. Senate With Unforgettable Cover (Photos)

Yesterday, the United States Senate–which is controlled by Republicans–failed to advance any of the four measures which would have, among other things, instituted universal background checks and not allowed those on the terrorist watch list to buy a gun which could be used for an attack such as the one which occurred in Orlando and […]

WATCH: Trump Adviser Shamed By CNN Host For Trying To Politicize Orlando Massacre

Ever since the horrific shooting at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando, Donald Trump has been attempting to make political hay out of the tragedy, which left 49 innocent people dead and another 53 injured. Last night on CNN, Ken McKay of the Rebuilding America Now PAC which supports Trump was discussing the issue with CNN host […]

Geraldo Rivera Says Orlando Victims To Blame Because They Didn’t ‘Fight Back’ (Video)

According to Fox News commentator Geraldo Rivera, the 50 people who died at the Pulse nightclub are to blame because they didn’t fight back against their attacker. Yes, he actually sad that this morning on the Fox program “Fox and Friends.” Rivera let loose with this bit of insensitive crap: “When you’re in that situation […]

MSNBC Panel Says Of Trump’s Response To Orlando, ‘Taking A Victory Lap On 50 Bodies’ (Video)

Before the bodies had even been recovered and identified in Orlando yesterday, presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump was already filling his Twitter account with various offensive messages. In one, he even patted himself on the back for being right that the attack was terrorism: Appreciate the congrats for being right on radical Islamic terrorism, I […]

Army Chief Of Staff: Guns Do NOT Make Us Any Safer In America

General Mark Milley is the Army Chief of Staff. He’s a man with four stars on his shoulder, and he recently testified before Congress on the security of United States military bases. The NRA-backed puppets in the Republican Party have been saying for years now that the open carry of weapons by all military personnel […]

How Did The Right Celebrate Trayvon Martin’s Birthday? By Being Total As*hats

Trayvon Martin, had he lived, would have been 21 years old today. On Twitter, an incredibly touching tribute has been set up to memorialize this young man who was taken from the world far too soon. The memorial page can be found at trayvon21. No doubt you recall that young Trayvon lost his life when a pustule […]

Texas Motorist Shoots 6-Year-Old Child After Family Makes Wrong Turn

The NRA is forever telling us that a good guy with a gun is the antidote to a bad guy with a gun. In Texas, where everyone seems to be locked, loaded, and spoiling for a fight, how are you supposed to know the difference? Now a 6-year-old girl lies in the hospital, shot in […]

NRA Loses Again–Judge Rejects Case Against Seattle’s ‘Gun Violence Tax’

Well, well. Looks like the NRA is getting a big lump of coal under its Christmas tree this year courtesy of a judge in Washington state. It couldn’t happen to a more deserving collection of gun nuts. Tuesday, King County Superior Court Judge Palmer Robinson refused to grant a request by gun rights groups that […]

Florida Professor Taunts Sandy Hook Parents, Accuses Them Of Faking Massacre For Money

Take a good look at the picture you see above this story. This man is James Tracy, and he’s a professor at Florida Atlantic University (FAU). And, it should be noted, he is also what is known as a Sandy Hook truther. You see, this ignorant piece of fecal matter thinks the Sandy Hook massacre, […]

Disturbing Products You Can Buy Thanks To the Gun Nuts At The NRA

Despite the recent attacks in California which killed 14 and may well have been terrorist acts, the United States Senate still found it necessary to vote down a bill which would have made it illegal for anyone on the terrorist watch list to purchase a firearm. Why did the GOP-controlled Senate not advance the bill? […]