WATCH An Idiotic Fox News Host Compare 9/11 Memorial To Confederate Statues

Monday was the 16th anniversary of the terror attacks on the United States by Al Qaeda which brought down the World Trade Towers and resulted in the deaths of some 3,000 people. So, naturally, a brainless Fox News host had to say something incredible offensive to the memories of those who were lost on that fateful […]

Fox News Guest: Confederate And LGTBQ Pride Flags Are ‘The Exact Same Thing’ (VIDEO)

Did you know that the Confederate flag is the same thing as the rainbow LGBTQ pride flag? According to an idiot who appeared on Fox News Tuesday morning, the two are “the exact same thing.” Conservative commentator Star Parker appeared on Fox & Friends to let the world know just how clueless she truly is. Parker was asked […]

Trump Once Again Proves His Complete Ignorance Of Historical Matters

Not long after he was elected president, Donald Trump told Chris Wallace that he reason he rarely bothers with intelligence briefings is simple: “I don’t have to be told – you know, I’m, like, a smart person. I don’t have to be told the same thing and the same words every single day for the next eight […]

GOP Lawmaker: People Who Take Down Confederate Monuments Should Be ‘Lynched’

In recent weeks, the City of New Orleans has been in the process of removing all monuments to those who fought for the Confederacy in the Civil War, including statutes of Confederate President Jefferson Davis and military commander Robert E. Lee. These efforts have been met with consternation and anger by some people who seem […]

Dense Donnie Has A Civil War Memorial On His VA Golf Course…For A Battle That NEVER TOOK PLACE!

Earlier this week, Donald Trump made a ridiculous statement about how President Andrew Jackson was angry he couldn’t mediate the an end to the Civil War, even though Jackson died 16 freaking years before the war began! And now we have yet another example that proves Trump knows less than nothing about history. At his […]

History Fail! Trump Says Andrew Jackson Could Have Stopped The Civil War, Gets Mocked On Twitter

Even though we’ve known for quite some time now that Donald Trump is a complete idiot who doesn’t have a clue on any variety of topics, the alleged president outdid himself in an interview with the Washington Examiner which was published Monday morning. Trump is a great admirer of Andrew Jackson, our seventh president, and […]

Presidential Historian Predicts Trump Administration Will Not Last More Than 200 Days

Ronald L. Feinman is a professor of history at Florida Atlantic University and the author of Assassinations, Threats, and the American Presidency: From Andrew Jackson to Barack Obama. And in an article he wrote for the History News Network, Professor Feinman has some news that is sure to make Donald Trump very angry: The current administration […]

History FAIL! Trump Spokesperson Says Obama Invaded Afghanistan (VIDEO)

Trump spokesperson Katrina Pierson may be the most ignorant individual to ever appear on behalf of any candidate who has ever run for office in this country. Even worse, she appears to delight in being willfully ignorant, which is one of the worst things I can imagine. Pierson appeared on CNN earlier today and was […]

Trump Diagnosed With ‘Verbal Diarrhea’ For Answer About Abe Lincoln

Donald Trump claims to be very intelligent. He brags that he attended “the best college in the country,” Wharton School at UPenn, which may be a good school, but is not considered to be the best in America. Trump also loves to pretend he knows about lots of things merely by having an opinion on […]

Michigan YMCA Camp Forces Black Children To Endure ‘Slavery Reenactment’

A YMCA camp in Jackson, Michigan, up until recently, forced 10-year-old campers to participate in a revolting slavery reenactment as a scheduled “activity.” As part of the reenactment, teachers and camp instructors acted as “slave masters,” and then forced 5th grade campers to stand on a makeshift auction block. Bancole Thompson, the mother of one of […]