These Memes About Scalia’s Death Are So Wrong, But SO DAMN FUNNY!

Some may criticize me for sharing these hilarious death memes that feature Justice Antonin Scalia, but I don’t really care. Reportedly Justice Scalia had a great sense of humor, so I say we laugh now and realize that all of us are going to die one day, too. Until then, we should have fun and […]

This Website Lets You Show Your Dislike Of Donald Trump In An AWESOME Way!

We might as well just say this and be done with it: Few people are more odious and objectionable than Donald Trump. And yet this guy is the frontrunner for the 2016 GOP nomination! How can we ever hope to properly express our dislike and disdain for the Donald? We can curse until we’re blue […]

Federal Judge Says Walmart Must Reinstate And Pay Workers Fired For Striking

An administrative law judge with the Labor Relations Board has ordered Walmart to reinstate 16 workers the judge says were unlawfully fired for going on strike against the retailer. Walmart was also ordered to pay those who were fired back pay and expunge the disciplinary records of 38 other workers who were punished for being […]

9-Year-Old Girl Outclasses Confederate Flag Wavers At Weekend Rally (Video)

At a Black Lives Matter rally in Johnson City, Tennessee, over the weekend, a little girl showed everyone what love and tolerance are all about. The rally was part of a national movement to mark the one year anniversary of Michael Brown’s death in Ferguson, Missouri. About 300 people showed up in Johnson City. Among […]