Moronic Tea Party Lawyer Files Suit Against Obama For Dallas ‘Hate Crime Against White Cops’

The horrific shootings in Dallas which left five police officers dead last week were the work of sick, angry man who felt he had to exact revenge for the tragic deaths of two black men at the hands of police officers in Louisiana and Minnesota. But to hear Larry Klayman, a fanatical Tea Party member […]

Republicans On Trump: He Will Lead To The ‘Total Annihilation’ Of The GOP

Exactly one week from today, Republicans will gather in Cleveland for their convention. Conventions are supposed to be a time of hope, of looking to the future, and a way to send your nominee off with a bang as he or she heads into the general election. But thanks to Donald Trump, this year’s GOP […]

Trump Surrogate: GOP Betrays Lincoln’s Legacy By Not Agreeing Trump U Judge Is ‘Racist’

You’ve more than likely seen Trump supporter and CNN contributor Jeffrey Lord on television from time to time, and he always comes across as only a tiny bit less unhinged than the Donald himself. And now this wingnut of monumental proportions has written an article for The American Spectator which makes it clear he has […]

Crazy Lady Say What?! Heidi Cruz Compares Ted’s Campaign To The Fight To End Slavery

Perhaps you thought that when Texas Senator Ted Cruz dropped out of the race, we’d get some respite–if only temporary–from having to listen to the patented blend of batshit crazy and fire and brimstone he’s so found of belching out like so much intestinal gas. And by and large we have. So this time we […]

WTF?! John McCain’s Dimwitted Daughter Says ‘Bernie Sanders Is A Cult Leader’ (Video)

The debate on the Fox News show “Outnumbered” between Meghan McCain and Julie Roginsky got more than little heated Wednesday when the discussion turned to the results of the New York primary, which was won overwhelmingly by Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. The panel agreed that a Clinton/Trump matchup in November would be fascinating, but […]

Leaked Internal Memo Shows Trump Campaign Is Indeed Running Scared

If you were wondering what’s going on inside the Trump for President campaign in light of the massive missteps made by the candidate last week, a leaked internal memo shows that the staff is indeed in damage control mode and trying to buck up their own confidence. The memo, which was obtained by the Washington […]

WATCH: Donald Trump Gets Ticked Off When ‘Today’ Host Calls His Campaign Manager A Liar

GOP front-runner Donald Trump appears to be losing his magic touch when it comes to dealing with the media, perhaps because they realize they’re dealing with a pathological liar and treat him accordingly. It’s about time! The proof of this theory was in evidence on the “Today” show earlier this morning, when Trump showed up […]

Obama Just Spectacularly Made An A** Of GOP Senator Orrin Hatch

Memo to Utah Senator Orrin Hatch: I would like to introduce you to the man who just made you look like the obstructionist jackass you truly are. Matter of fact, allow me to introduce the man who just put the entire Republican-controlled Senate on notice: Gentlemen, meet your daddy, Barack Obama. Just the other day, […]

Thuggish Trump Threatens GOP: Make Me POTUS Or Supporters Sabotage The Election (Video)

Donald Trump, already in the middle of a hostile takeover of the Republican party, hinted at last night’s GOP debate that he now plans to hold the entire party hostage if he doesn’t get his way. One of the moderators of the debate, conservative radio host Hugh Hewitt, directed a question to Texas Senator Ted […]

Is There Anything Trump Is More Sensitive About Than His Hair? Yes, There Is–This!

Donald Trump may like to pretend that he’s brimming with self-confidence and sure of himself, but as many reporters have found out over the years, he is somewhat defensive whenever anyone asks about or criticizes that helmet of hair atop his head. Some have said it’s got to be a toupee, others have commented that […]