‘Christian’ Pastor Pens Letter To Trump, Begs Him To Eliminate ‘Antichrist Jews’

Before today, I had never heard of Pastor Mark Downey. Downey is a so-called Christian minister for Kinsman Redeemer Ministries, and he recently penned an open letter to President-elect Trump urging him to crack down on Jewish Americans. Downey is a member of the “Christian identity” movement, a fringe element on the far right that claims “Germanic, […]

Bill Maher: Evangelicals Who Support Trump Are ‘Shameless Hypocrites’ (VIDEO)

It seems incredibly incongruous that anyone who calls him or herself a Christian could ever support or vote for Donald Trump. After all, this is a man who has said he’s never asked God for forgiveness, has been married three times, and was caught on tape bragging that he likes to grab women by their […]

GOP Fundraiser: Christians Not Voting For Trump Don’t Understand Their Religion (VIDEO)

There’s a good chance you’ve probably never heard of Foster Friess, when you hear what he said Tuesday CNN, you’ll probably want to forget him as quickly as possible. Friess is a self-proclaimed evangelical Christian fundraiser and donor who always supports the Republicans, even when they manage to nominate a man as immoral and totally […]

Hate-Filled AZ Pastor Says Christians Should Bathe In ‘F*ggot’ Blood While Singing Psalms

Steven Anderson is the pastor of Faithful Word Baptist Church in Tempe, Arizona, and he’s also one of the most disgusting and reprehensible human beings to ever walk upon the face of the earth. This monumental so-called Christian hates everyone: Muslims, Jews, women, the LGBT community, and anyone who dares to disagree with his interpretation of […]

GOP Senator Publicly Prays For The Death Of President Obama: ‘Let His Days Be Few’

Chances are you’ve never heard of United States Senator David Perdue. He’s the junior GOP Senator from the state of Georgia, and earlier today he was speaking at the Faith & Freedom Coalition’s Road to Majority conference when he urged those in attendance to pray for the death of President Obama, remarking: “We should pray like […]

‘Christian’ Evangelist Urges Fathers To Shoot Any Trans People Who Show Up In Bathrooms

Perhaps you’ve heard of James Dobson. He’s the founder and president of a right-wing group known as Focus on the Family, and he’s also a massive heap of human excrement who has attacked President Obama in his sermons, alleging the President is a “tyrant [who] assault[s] centuries of modesty and moral beliefs.” In a new article […]

Evangelicals Convinced Trump Sends Messages To Them With Secret Hand Signals (Video)

Even in the pantheon of crazy stuff that people try to believe in order to justify their actions and who they support politically, this may just be the most ridiculous thing you’ve ever heard. According to Bloomberg: “At one recent meeting with Trump, evangelical leaders noted how he often flashes a signature hand gesture, with a thumb […]

Ben Carson On Donald Trump’s Mistreatment Of Women: ‘I Do Not Judge’ (Video)

If there’s one thing right-wing Christian conservatives seem to specialize in, it’s hypocrisy. They love to say how evil and godless their opponents are, but when it comes to a member of their own political persuasion, the preach tolerance and forgiveness. Such was the case with failed GOP candidate Ben Carson, who showed up Sunday […]

Crazed Kentucky Pastor Says Sexually Assaulted Child ‘Chose To Be Raped’ (Video)

Truth Apostolic in Madisonville, Kentucky is a small church, and now it is the focus of national attention after its pastor, Michael Orten, defended the rape of a 13-year-old girl by saying that the girl “chose to be raped.” Some background: Orten hired a convicted sex offender to work with children at the church. The […]

RWNJ Pastor Says ‘Mature’ Christians Should Back Trump, Even If He Is The Antichrist

OK, so I admit I’ve heard some really crazy, off-kilter, WTF things during this current Presidential campaign that have made me scratch my head and wonder just how massively ignorant some in this country have gotten, but what pastor Rick Joyner said this week is perhaps the most bizarre and inscrutable thing I’ve run across […]