Trump Supporting Ex-Sheriff Reveals Disturbing Fantasies About Joe Biden In Horrifying Rape Tweet

You’ve probably seen former Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke during one of his many appearances on Fox “News,” gruffly suggesting that Donald Trump is the savior of America and that anyone who disagrees with him should be taken out and beaten within an inch of their life. Clarke, in an effort to remain the tiniest […]

Everyone Is Laughing At Sean Hannity For Claiming That He Reports ‘REAL NEWS’

Sean Hannity got his feelings hurt, so he decided to prove what a thin-skinned little hack he is. Hannity was apparently upset when he read comments made by Fox host Shep Smith in an interview with Time Magazine. Specifically, Smith had this to say about Hannity and his fellow Fox host, Tucker Carlson: “They don’t really have […]

Snowflake Huckabee Whines About Being Removed From Country Music Board (VIDEO)

Poor Mike Huckabee. He’s upset because even though his favorite bigoted asshat, Donald Trump, is in the White House, it’s still not totally cool to be a hate-filled piece of crap unless you’re willing to accept the consequences. Just last week, Huckabee was removed from the board of the Country Music Association Foundation due to his […]

Fox Guest Has On-Air Meltdown Over College Course About Impeaching Trump (VIDEO)

You’ve gotta give it to the brainless hacks who work at Fox “News.” They’re fully committed to the cause of defending Donald Trump, no matter what. Fox’s worship of Trump was in full view Wednesday morning on Fox & Friends, where the average IQ of viewers is somewhere between a tree stump and a concrete block. […]

Deeply Delusional Mike Huckabee Calls Billy Graham’s Death ‘Fake News’ (VIDEO)

Political figures from both parties expressed condolences on the death of evangelist Billy Graham, who died at his home in North Carolina early Wednesday morning at the age of 99. Former President Barack Obama posted this on Twitter in honor of Dr. Graham: Billy Graham was a humble servant who prayed for so many – […]

‘Christian’ Radio Host: Florida Shooting Took Place Because Male Students Are ‘Effeminate’

You probably thought the mass shooting at a high school in Parkland, Florida, was caused by guns, mental illness, or a combination of the two. But according to a fake Christian radio host by the name of David Daubenmire, the real reason so many young people died is because there weren’t enough “men” among the male […]

WATCH: Mike Pence Goes Full-On Weasel When Asked About Rob Porter Scandal

How many versions of the updated “truth” have we heard from the Trump administration on the matter of former White House staffer Rob Porter, who allegedly beat both of his ex-wives? Seems the story changes every single day, depending on which official is doing the lying. On Tuesday, White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders told the […]

CNN Panel Goes Off The Rails When Trump Apologist Spouts Conspiracy Theory (VIDEO)

Republicans are getting nervous, and their excuses when it comes to the Russia investigation are getting increasingly ludicrous. On CNN Monday morning, right-wing radio host Ben Ferguson perfectly exemplified the desperation Trump defenders feel as Special Counsel Robert Mueller moves closer to the Oval Office with each passing day. Ferguson claimed the so-called president is fully cooperating […]

WATCH: Trump Toady Seb Gorka Gets His A*s Handed To Him By A C-SPAN Caller

Neofascist douche canoe Sebastian Gorka didn’t last long in the Trump administration, largely because he’s an ignorant, abrasive right-wing ideologue whose view of the world is straight out of the 15th century. One thing Gorka does excel at, however, is defending his American Führer, Donald Trump. That’s exactly what Gorka was doing Sunday morning on […]

Deranged Fox Host So Obsessed With Hillary, She’s Literally Stalking Her (VIDEO)

Why are Republicans so damn obsessed with Hillary Clinton? They won the election in 2016, yet Donald Trump is constantly bringing up the former Secretary of State. And on Trump TV (aka Fox “News”) the fascination with Clinton has reached critical mass in recent weeks as they try desperately to divert attention away from the […]