House Democrats Just Gave Mueller Exactly What He Needs To End The Trump Administration

For months now, former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn has refused to testify before Congressional committees investigating the role of Russia–and members of the Trump team–in possibly influencing the 2016 election which resulted in Donald Trump being elected president. It has long been believed that Flynn knows the story of Trump’s possible collusion with Russia from […]

Utah Woman Heaps Scorn On White Supremacists, Calling Them ‘Profound Losers’

A woman in Utah says she’s had it with white supremacists and other hate groups who identify themselves with the American Confederacy and Nazi Germany. The Salt Late Tribune published a letter last week from a woman who described herself as “67-year-old American white woman” who is sick and tired of the growth of hate groups in […]

BREAKING: Michael Flynn Has Reportedly Flipped On Trump And Is Cooperating With The FBI

CNN analyst Juliette Kayyem has set off a firestorm of attention this evening with a tweet she just posted: From my sources and what has been openly reported, it increasingly looks like #Flynn may have a deal with the FBI. #trumprussia — Juliette Kayyem (@juliettekayyem) March 25, 2017 After Kayyem posted, Seth Abramson of […]

Leaked Memo Shows Trump Plans To Destroy The Environmental Protection Agency

On Tuesday, Donald Trump ordered that employees of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) no longer share information via social media, press releases, or new website content. Additionally, all EPA grants and contracts have been frozen indefinitely, cutting off funding for everything from the cleanup of toxic sites to the testing of air quality. But based on a […]

Steve Bannon: Donald Trump’s Joseph Goebbels

Every revolution–be it real or imagined–must have someone who is in charge of propaganda. Because the first step to total control runs through the mind and the heart. If you can convince the masses that you are right and those who disagree are the enemy, there is virtually nothing you cannot do as a result. […]

WATCH Chris Wallace Throw Shade At Mike Pence For Saying Latinos Are Voting For Trump

According to Mike Pence, millions of Hispanics are going to the polls to vote for Donald Trump even though he began his campaign by calling Mexican immigrants “rapists.” Yeah, and Pope Francis is a Presbyterian. During an appearance on Fox News Sunday, Pence told host Chris Wallace: “The truth is that Hispanic Americans have the […]

Time To Say It Clearly–Donald Trump Is A Fraud, A Con, A Grifter, And A Domestic Terrorist

I’ve been planning to write this article for months now. First I delayed because I was convinced there was no way in hell Donald Trump would win the Republican nomination. Until he did. Next, I convinced myself that Trump would self-destruct and the election would be over with by now; Clinton would hold a 15-20 […]

Clueless Trump: Putin Is ‘Not Going Into Ukraine’–Which Putin Did TWO YEARS AGO!

We’re all familiar with these axioms: Truth is stranger than fiction Some stories write themselves The dumb seem to get dumber All of these are on full display today as we dissect an interview Donald Trump gave to ABC News. The host of “This Week,” George Stephanopoulos, asked Trump about whether or not he has ever […]

RWNJ Media In A Tizzy Because President Obama’s New House Is Near A Mosque

Over the past eight years, conservatives have come up with some crazy (and often hilarious) conspiracy theories about President Obama. Here’s a few of their favorites: Obama was born in Kenya and is therefore not an American citizen, and not allowed to be President The President is a socialist/communist The Commander-in-Chief is secretly a Muslim […]