Donald Trump Is Six Months Overdue For His Annual Physical – What Is He Hiding?

At the first of every year, a sitting president is supposed to receive an annual physical and the results are to be released to the public so we can all know what kind of health the head of state is in. But it’s almost June and Donald Trump hasn’t yet had his physical for 2020, […]

Mitch McConnell Is On The Verge Of A Self-Created Political Collapse

Mitch McConnell made a Faustian bargain when Donald Trump was elected: In exchange for Trump nominating ultraconservative federal judges (some of whom were not even qualified to serve on the bench), the Senate Majority Leader would do his best to normalize Trump and give the appearance that the president was “running things” even though both […]

Lindsey Graham Just Got Some Very Bad News About His Chances Of Being Reelected

Much like Donald Trump, Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) is facing a very uncertain political future, with his poll numbers flagging and voters in his home state making it clear they aren’t exactly delighted with the way Graham continually defends Trump, no matter what he says or does. And now voter disappointment is showing up in […]

Trump’s Approval Rating Plummets As Voters Say He Failed To Protect The Nation

A few ago, according to an average of several polls, President Donald Trump hit his highest approval rating since taking office at 47 percent. The American public even approved of how he was handling the coronavirus pandemic, with Gallup reporting that 60 percent of those surveyed said they were pleased with how Trump was performing […]

Trump Slump: At Least 1 Million U.S. Jobs Expected To Vanish Over The Next 30 Days

For months now, Donald Trump has been bragging that the U.S. economy is the strongest in the world and the envy of every other country. But on Monday the Dow Jones Industrial Average fell nearly 3,000 points, a full 12.9 percent of its value, and even conservative economists are now saying a global recession has […]

Aides Say Trump’s Hesitancy To Take A Coronavirus Test Has Everything To Do With His Sordid Past

On Saturday, Donald Trump assured the media at a press conference that he had finally been tested for coronavirus, proudly announcing: “I also took the test last night, and I decided I should based on the press conference yesterday. People were asking. “They sent it to a lab.” But, given Trump’s propensity for lying, we […]

Senate Democrats Now Have The 51 Votes Needed For Impeachment Witnesses

The news which broke Sunday regarding the draft of an upcoming book by former National Security Adviser John Bolton which alleges that Donald Trump did indeed hold military aid to Ukraine hostage until he got investigations of former Vice President Joe Biden and his son, Hunter, has completely changed the landscape of Trump’s Senate impeachment […]

Republican Senator Now Ensnared In Trump’s Growing Ukraine Conspiracy

As House Democrats prepare to vote open public hearings on the Ukraine scandal this week, one of the senators who may have decide whether or not to remove Donald Trump from office now finds himself caught in the center of the larger conspiracy and could wind up being destroyed by his connection to the matter. […]