Time To Say It Clearly–Donald Trump Is A Fraud, A Con, A Grifter, And A Domestic Terrorist

I’ve been planning to write this article for months now. First I delayed because I was convinced there was no way in hell Donald Trump would win the Republican nomination. Until he did. Next, I convinced myself that Trump would self-destruct and the election would be over with by now; Clinton would hold a 15-20 […]

Clueless Trump: Putin Is ‘Not Going Into Ukraine’–Which Putin Did TWO YEARS AGO!

We’re all familiar with these axioms: Truth is stranger than fiction Some stories write themselves The dumb seem to get dumber All of these are on full display today as we dissect an interview Donald Trump gave to ABC News. The host of “This Week,” George Stephanopoulos, asked Trump about whether or not he has ever […]

RWNJ Media In A Tizzy Because President Obama’s New House Is Near A Mosque

Over the past eight years, conservatives have come up with some crazy (and often hilarious) conspiracy theories about President Obama. Here’s a few of their favorites: Obama was born in Kenya and is therefore not an American citizen, and not allowed to be President The President is a socialist/communist The Commander-in-Chief is secretly a Muslim […]

Cruz Compares Trans People To Donald Trump Dressing As Hillary Clinton

Does Ted Cruz have to work at being such a massive douchebag, or does it just come naturally to him? Seems like anytime you turn around, Cruz is saying something so offensive and absurd that you wind up scratching your head and trying to figure out why he opened his mouth in the first place. […]

Stephen Colbert’s Message To The Bigots In North Carolina Is Perfect (Video)

Ever since the passage of HB2 in North Carolina, the state has been reeling from the loss of business, income, and investment. Leaders in the state, including GOP Governor Pat McCrory, have come under increasing pressure to repeal the law. All in all, its been a public relations nightmare for the state. Last night on […]

Clueless O’Reilly: Women Will Pretend To Have Migraines So They Can Get An Abortion

It’s a given that Fox News host Bill O’Reilly lies, distorts facts, pretends to be an expert on virtually everything, and has made up stories from his past in order to make himself look daring and brave. He likes to imagine himself a journalist, but he’s never been more than a hack, and he never […]

Crowd Makes MSNBC Reporter Feel The Bern After She Suggests Bernie Supporters Aren’t Democrats (VIDEO)

As the 2016 Democratic race has progressed over the past few months and Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders has begun to amass victories and delegates, a frequent refrain has been that Sanders just became a Democrat for political expedience. Some pundits have also suggested that those who support Sanders are not actually Democrats, either, but a […]

JUST IN: Latest Polls Out Of Wisconsin Show This Democrat Primed To Take A Big Delegate Haul

Tuesday, April 5, the people of Wisconsin vote, and what once appeared to be a clear victory for one Democratic candidate, now looks as if it will turn out exactly the opposite. This time a week ago, polls showed former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton with a lead in Wisconsin ranging from 5 to 9 […]

RNC Chair, Asked About Trump Being Face Of Party, Starts To Squirm (Video)

The Republican party is starting to get very very nervous, because they are suddenly coming to the realization that Donald Trump could well wind up being the 2016 GOP nominee, and spells doom for the Republicans this year and for many years to come. Appearing on “This Week” earlier this morning, RNC Chairman Reince Priebus […]

Is There Anything Trump Is More Sensitive About Than His Hair? Yes, There Is–This!

Donald Trump may like to pretend that he’s brimming with self-confidence and sure of himself, but as many reporters have found out over the years, he is somewhat defensive whenever anyone asks about or criticizes that helmet of hair atop his head. Some have said it’s got to be a toupee, others have commented that […]