Vets Annihilate Trump For His Attack On Military Record Of Dem Senator (TWEETS)

While on vacation at his golf club in New Jersey, President Trump woke up nice and early Monday morning and fired off several tweets, three of which were aimed at Connecticut Democratic Senator Richard Blumenthal, who has been a vocal critic of Trump and the president’s possible collusion with Russia: Interesting to watch Senator Richard […]

Trump Sets Meeting With Vets Groups; You Won’t Believe Who He Sent In His Place

Donald Trump always says he loves and respects veterans. He says he intends to listen to their needs and respond to their concerns. He’s even raised money for them and then refused to hand any of it out until he was publicly shamed by the media. But what the so-called president did this week has […]

Ex-NSA Analyst: Trump Exploited ‘Trapped’ Widow Of Slain SEAL (TWEETS)

The most memorable–and most debated–moment from Tuesday evening’s joint address to Congress by Donald Trump is when he honored the fallen Navy SEAL who died during a raid in Yemen. Trump asked the widow of Ryan Owens, Carryn Owens to stand and be recognized, but it soon became clear she didn’t necessarily want to stand […]

Oh God No! Sarah Palin Being Considered To Head The VA!

You may want to sit down for this news, because it’s truly horrifying, especially if you happen to be a veteran: Sarah Palin is being considered to run the Veteran’s Administration. NEW: Sarah Palin under consideration for Secretary of Veterans Affairs, sources tell @ABC News. –@shushwalshe — ABC News Politics (@ABCPolitics) November 30, 2016 Online […]

Donald Trump Told A Group Of Vets That Those With PTSD Are Weak (VIDEO)

As part of a Q&A session with retired veterans held in Herndon, Virginia, Donald Trump was asked about the problem of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), which is one of the most frequent problems experienced by bets when they return from combat duty. Yet what Trump said seems to imply that those with PTSD are somehow […]

GOP Congressman Who Supports Trump Calls Veterans ‘Moochers’ At Ohio Town Hall

Take a good look at the douchenozzle in the picture above. This giant asshole of a human being is GOP Congressman Warren Davidson of Ohio, and he thinks that some veterans are “moochers.” As part of a town hall meeting back in his district, Davidson commented: “Just like workers comp out here’s got moochers, I […]

REVEALED: The Trump Tax Plan Would Slash Funds For Veterans And Border Security

Donald Trump loves to talk. He also loves to lie. He’s exceptionally good at both, but we’ve learned that the vast majority of the things he says are just slogans and have no connection to reality. For example: Trump is fond of saying that he supports veterans. Then he turns around and says John McCain […]

Fed Up Veteran Starts GoFundMe Campaign To Send Trump To A Combat Zone (VIDEO)

Lieutenant Cameron H. Kerr is a veteran who served his country honorably in Afghanistan and lost a leg while serving. As a result, he earned–among other honors–a Purple Heart. So he, like many wounded veterans, was a bit peeved when Donald Trump accepted the gift of a Purple Heart from a veteran earlier this week […]

Families Of Fallen Soldiers Pen DEVASTATING Letter Of Rebuke To Donald Trump

Donald Trump, it can easily be said, just does not know when to shut the hell up. Rather than apologize to the parents of Captain Humayun Khan, who died in service to his country, the GOP nominee seems determined to try and trash this grieving family in furtherance of his own political goals. But now the […]

Here Are 5 Examples Of Donald Trump Smearing, Cheating, Or Mocking Veterans

Donald Trump is incredibly fond of saying how much he loves American veterans. He talks a good game, but as the old saying goes, actions speak louder than words, and here, thanks to the good folks at Right Wing Watch, we have five instances when the Orange Menace actually smeared, cheated, or mocked veterans: Fake […]