David Perdue: The ‘Proud’ Job Outsourcer

U.S. Senate candidate David Perdue recently told reporters there was no need for him to deny or explain the massive job layoffs and outsourcing efforts he oversaw as CEO of several large companies. Perdue, a Republican, added that he was “proud” of putting so many people out of work because that’s what good businessmen do in order to be successful. This is all-too-typical thinking among GOP candidates and legislators across Georgia and the nation. Their belief system comes down to a very simple premise: every person is on his own, sink or swim, come hell or high water. Left to their own devices, these Right wing extremists would gladly cut the social safety net of Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, and dozens of other programs because they truly believe the country can and should be run like a business. But we have tried that in America. That’s the way things were prior to the Great Depression of the 1930s. The result: millions of people starved or were forced from their homes because they could not find work and had no source of income. Perdue is a modern-day robber baron; that much is quite clear. He has gotten his millions, and if you missed out on yours, that’s just too bad. The latest polling data shows Perdue trailing his Democratic opponent, Michelle Nunn, by two points. Expect that figure to rise in the weeks ahead as Georgians take a closer look at Perdue and his record of proudly tossing people out of their jobs while he feathered his nest to the tune of several millions of dollars. Perdue’s way of thinking belongs to the distant and despicable past of this nation. And soon all memory of him will as well.

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