Democrats Warn Trump His Family Will Be Fair Game For Investigation If He Goes After Biden’s Son Again

Now that former Vice President Joe Biden is the front-runner in the Democratic presidential race, Donald Trump and his GOP allies in the Senate have made it clear that they intend to try and slag Biden by suggesting that his son, Hunter, has questionable ties to the nation of Ukraine.

Just this week, Senator Ron Johnson (R-WI) said he would redouble his efforts to open a Senate inquiry into Hunter Biden and the natural gas company he worked for, Burisma, claiming that American voters have a right to know all the details and he would be recommending subpoenas against Hunter and others who were part of Burisma.

But Democrats aren’t going to just sit idly by and let Trump and his Republican flunkies get away with such actions, according to Politico, letting it be known that since they control the House, they too can open investigations, and are willing to fight fire with fire by taking a long hard look at the Trump family, including Ivanka and her husband, Jared Kushner, who work as top White House advisers:

“For some Democrats, the key to neutralizing the impending attacks is for Biden to turn them right back around on the president, questioning the Trump children’s many financial and business entanglements as they continue to advise their father — both formally and informally — while he’s in the White House.

“’If Donald Trump wants to talk about children, let’s talk about the president’s children and the immense amount of money they’re making off of their father’s name,’ said Rep. Jim Himes (D-Conn.), who hasn’t endorsed in the Democratic primary. ‘I’m Irish too, so you fight back hard. When somebody throws this kind of sleaze at you, you respond.'”

You probably recall in 2016 that Congressional Republicans did their best to try and destroy Hillary Clinton’s candidacy by harping on Benghazi even though they had zero evidence of any wrongdoing on her part.

But Republicans controlled both houses of Congress then. Now they only have the Senate, and the Democratic House is letting it be known that they won’t hesitate to fight back.

So, Donald, the ball’s in your court. If you want to sling mud in order to get reelected, rest assured there’s gonna be plenty of it coming back in your direction.

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