Eric Trump Becomes The Laughingstock Of Twitter After Attempting To Attack Democrats

Poor Eric Trump. He desperately wants to be relevant (he is, but only marginally), his father’s favorite child (that’s Ivanka), and a noted wit on social media, especially Twitter, which is his daddy’s favorite social media platform.

But as Eric proved this week, he’s got way too much of his father’s genetic makeup to make even a shred of sense when he fires off a tweet.

Responding to a story from Investor’s Business Daily that alleged the Clinton campaign may have played a role in paying for the infamous Steele dossier compiled by Fusion GPS, Eric got his cliches all screwed up and sent out this:

The chips are starting to crumble? What does that even mean? Isn’t it supposed to be a cookie that crumbles and you let the chips fall where they may?

Ah, the stupid is very strong in the Trump family, as other Twitter users quickly reminded Eric and the rest of the world with their own takes on faulty cliches:

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