Fetch Me My Crystal Ball, Please

I know I’ll probably regret what I’m about to do later tonight or tomorrow, but I’m taking the bait and predicting several of the major Senate and Gubernatorial races that will be dissected and analyzed over the next few weeks. I can already hear many of you wondering, What gives this guy any special insight into the political process? Well, I’ve spent about half of my life–or approximately 25 years–working in the political world in one capacity or another, so feel I do have an informed perspective on the topic. So below you will find my picks, listed alphabetically by state, along with the candidate’s party affiliation and any comments relevant to the race.


Alaska: Begich (D) will hold his seat in an election that will not be as close as many have predicted.

Arkansas: Cotton (R) will unseat Mark Pryor (D). This was Pryor’s race to lose, and he has done so.

Colorado: Udall (D) will be reelected, mainly due to the Hispanic vote in Colorado.

Georgia: Nunn (D) will be forced into a runoff against Perdue (R) but will win that runoff in January.

Iowa: Ernst (D) will be victorious, mainly because her opponent is such a poor candidate.

Kansas: Orman (I) over Roberts (R) in a squeaker.

Kentucky: Much to my great disappointment, I expect McConnell (R) to prevail in this one over Grimes (D).

New Hampshire: Jean Shaheen (D) will hold serve and beat the carpetbagging Scott Brown (R).

Louisiana: This one is, in my opinion, the toughest to predict. Bottom line: I think Mary Landrieu (D) makes it into a runoff, and may win if she runs a better campaign than she already has.

North Carolina Kay Hagan (D) should prevail, further cementing North Carolina as a purple state that is turning
bluer with each election.


Florida: Best race of the night, and Charlie Crist (D) squeaks by Rick Scott (R).

Georgia: Jason Carter (D) will need a runoff to do so, but will finally put an end to the ethically-challenged political career of incumbent Nathan Deal (R).

Kansas: Sam Brownback (R) proves that supply-side economics don’t work on the state level and loses to Paul Davis (D).

Wisconsin: This is the one I most want to see happen. My prediction is that Mary Burke (D) beats Scott Walker (R) and ends his chances of running for President in 2016.

So there you have it. Please be sure and vote if you haven’t done so. And please feel free to leave lots of comments on my picks and submit your own, which I will gladly place on the site. Stay strong, Progressives!

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