Georgia Governor Nathan Deal is a Criminal & Must Go

Georgia governor Nathan Deal is one of the most ethically-challenged politicians in the country. In fact, it is very likely that Deal will be indicted by a federal grand jury before the year is out. In one of his recent campaign ads, Deal proudly proclaims how good he has been for the economy in the state of Georgia. Really, Governor? Georgia has the highest unemployment rate in the nation! He also tries to trash his Democratic opponent, Jason Carter. But if you want to see the real “trash” that needs to be taken to the curb and voted out of office, you need look no further than the incumbent governor. Deal has built his entire political career on influence peddling, shady business deals, and outright lies. Additionally, he has refused to help some of the most vulnerable people in Georgia, the working poor, by refusing to accept additional Medicaid funds from the federal government. These funds could be used to expand healthcare coverage for millions of Georgians. Instead, Deal has decided to play partisan politics and his reckless actions have only led to the closing of dozens of hospitals in Georgia. Enough is enough! It is time for Georgians to go to the polls on November 4 and rid themselves of this man who is standing in the way of real progress for our state.

2 thoughts on “Georgia Governor Nathan Deal is a Criminal & Must Go

  1. They should have indicted Deal a long time ago. One of the biggest crooks to ever hold office in Georgia. Hope we get rid of him in Nov.

  2. Just watched the debate & Deal said people don’t care that GA has the highest unemployment rate in the USA. Guess it’s time we put Deal in the unemployment line

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