JUST IN: FBI May Have Recordings Of Steve Bannon Discussing Plot To Steal 2016 Election

In recent weeks, former Trump campaign adviser Carter Page has become the latest figure in the spotlight as the investigation by Special Counsel Robert Mueller moves forward and would seem to be getting even closer to the Oval Office and Donald Trump.

One thing we learned from the controversial — and mostly vapid — memo issued by House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes (R-CA) last week is that a FISA surveillance warrant was indeed issued against Carter Page.  But something being reported by Politico could have even bigger ramifications for the White House.

Politico reports:

“The FBI was monitoring Carter Page when the former Trump campaign adviser says he spoke with Trump adviser Steve Bannon about Russia in January 2017, raising the strong possibility that the FBI intercepted a conversation between the two men.”

Considering that the call was made during the transition, and that Page was traveling back and forth to Russia on a regular basis, it seems logical that Bannon and Page were discussing exactly what Russia expected in return for having helped Trump win the election, at least in the Electoral College.

But there’s another twist to this story: A planned appearance Page was about to make on MSNBC. The report goes on to note:

“Page told the intelligence committee as part of wider testimony about his role in the Trump campaign that Bannon had called him to ask that he cancel a scheduled interview on MSNBC, a request that Page obliged. Page speculated that Bannon might have learned about his appearance from a booker on the network.”

What were Bannon and the White House concerned Page might reveal if he had accepted that MSNBC interview?

Does Robert Mueller have a transcript of the Bannon-Page conversation? That seems highly likely. And while we cannot know exactly what the two men discussed, keep in mind Bannon was about to be appointed as a senior counselor to President Trump. This was a man who had Trump’s ear and his complete confidence.

Anytime he’s asked about his connections to Russia, Donald Trump swears he has none. But Mueller and the FBI may have damning evidence that proves otherwise.

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