Not a Lame Duck, Just a Spineless One


Earlier this week we found out exactly what we can expect from this lame duck session of Congress, especially as it relates to the United States Senate, which remains in Democratic hands until January. So what are we going to get? Nothing. Yep, exactly nothing. We will not even get a confirmation vote on President Obama’s nominee to be the next Attorney General, Loretta Lynch. This is despite the fact that Ms. Lynch has already been confirmed by the Senate on two prior occasions for other federal posts. Background and security checks have been conducted and remain in her personnel file.

Personally, I blame this inaction on the Democratic leadership in the Senate. Is it really asking too much for them to take a vote on Ms. Lynch’s nomination as the nation’s top law enforcement official? At least give the full Senate a chance to confirm Ms. Lynch. What is Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) afraid of? He has the votes necessary for confirmation, so why the delay?

For me, this lack of positive leadership is emblematic of why so many Democratic candidates lost in the recent midterm election: a lack of spine when it comes to standing up for and being proud of the Progressive tradition which makes the Democratic Party the true party of the people. Had more candidates stood with President Obama and not tried to be Republican Lite, the base of the party would have been energized and come out to vote for them.

You cannot live in any productive way if you don’t have a backbone. If the Democratic Party hopes to regain power in 2016, now would be the time for them to begin growing one. The future of the country demands nothing less.

One thought on “Not a Lame Duck, Just a Spineless One

  1. I wish the Dems would do a whole host of things while they still hold the majority, but it looks like they would rather twiddle their thumbs. No wonder I’ve become an Independent. Disgusting!

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