OK, Progressives…..Let’s Do This!

We are now less than 48 hours from one of the most important midterm elections in the history of this great nation. Senate and gubernatorial races in at least ten states are still too close to call, which means the balance of power lies in who gets their voters to the polls on Tuesday, November 4. And this means one thing: Progressives must show up in record numbers to assure that the gains we have made over the past six years are not erased by reactionary Republicans who seek to pull the country back to the dark days before President Obama was elected.

Pundits say all of the anger and energy in this election is on the side of the GOP, but, united as Progressives who believe in equality on all levels–economic, social, political–we can prove the pundits wrong. If you haven’t yet voted and early voting has passed in your state, be sure and get to the polls on Tuesday. No excuses! The time is now, and we must make our voices heard if we are seriously committed to change for the betterment of all Americans. Do it for yourself, do it for those you love, and do it for the future of your country.

Progressives, IT’S TIME TO DO THIS!

One thought on “OK, Progressives…..Let’s Do This!

  1. I want to encourage all my Hispanic and Latino friends to get out and vote Tuesday so we won’t get some of these republican crazies in power….they really scare me

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