Say Goodbye, Nathan

When the political obituary is written for Georgia governor Nathan Deal (and it won’t be long now), the epitaph on the headstone will no doubt read, “Unemployment rates are something no one pays attention to.” These immortal words were spoken by the soon-to-be ex-governor at last night’s gubernatorial debate. Georgia, it was pointed out, under the dubious leadership of Governor Deal, now leads the nation with an unemployment rate of 7.9%. According to Deal, the statistic is “an outlier” and “unemployment rates are only good for political ads.” No, Governor, they are also an indicator of how well the top elected official of the state is doing when it comes to the essential matter of creating favorable business conditions which will lead to the creation of new jobs. On this and many other pocketbook issues, the incumbent governor fails the test. Additionally, Deal has continually cut funding for education, meaning fewer Georgians can now educate themselves into a new or higher paying job. The time has arrived for the people of Georgia to rid themselves of this cancer on the body politic. His ethical problems alone are enough to disqualify him from holding elective office. But his utter failure when it comes to the issue of the economy is what will guarantee that he soon joins the ranks of the unemployed in Georgia. Goodbye, Nathan. Don’t let the door hit ya where the Good Lord split ya!

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