‘Sit Down and Shut Up’



Once again New Jersey governor Chris Christie has stepped into the Deep Left Field Hall of Shame with a comment he made yesterday to a protester at an event commemorating the second anniversary of Hurricane Sandy, which ravaged hundreds of seaside homes and businesses in the Garden State. James Keady, who was attempting to get Governor Christie to talk about why nearly 75% of the federal money allocated for rebuilding has not yet been spent, was met with the usual mix of arrogance and self-satisfied gall that Christie has displayed on numerous occasions when anyone dares question or disagree with His Majesty King Chris. Christie glared at Keady and declared, “Sit down and shut up!” Actually, Governor, you need to take your own advice and SHUT UP!

The subtext behind this latest blowup by Christie is no doubt because he has realized that he will never be President of the United States. A little more than a year ago Christie was the fair-haired model of good governance that the GOP would constantly trot out when anyone asked who would be the 2016 Republican nominee. So now the King of New Jersey is taking his frustrations out on people who refuse to agree with him.

Mark these words: Chris Christie will NEVER be nominated by the GOP for President. Never ever! His bullying and condescension may play well in New Jersey, but how will they be received in the Midwest and South? I live in the South, and I can assure you that in a culture where kindness, politeness, and civility are prized above all, the first time Christie shouts down someone he will be relegated to the status of also-ran.

So keep on talking, Chris. You are torching what little is left of your reputation.

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