Devastating New Poll Shows Donald Trump Is In Very Deep Sh*t

A new poll from what used to be Donald Trump’s favorite propaganda network, Fox News, has very bad news for the incumbent president, showing that not only is he behind presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden in the overall horse race, but also on key issues which are will decide who wins the 2020 election. Overall, […]

Paranoid Trump Is Now Searching For Hidden Messages In Joe Biden’s Public Remarks

Each and every day, Donald Trump looks at the latest tracking polls and sees that he’s falling further and further behind his likely Democratic challenger, former Vice President Joe Biden, who is up by as much as 9 points nationally over Trump and also leads in key battleground states such as Florida, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and […]

Donald Trump’s 2020 Campaign Manager Appears To Be Conning His Boss Out of Millions

There’s an expression we’ve all heard since we were children: Birds of a feather flock together. Such appears to be the case with Brad Parscale, who serves as campaign manager for the Trump 2020 effort and has created what he’s dubbed the “Death Star,” a digital campaign operation Parscale brags will roll over all opponents, […]

Trump Campaign In Turmoil As New Poll Shows Him Sinking Further In Matchup With Biden

How bad are things inside the Trump reelection campaign? Well, he’s reportedly ready to fire his entire campaign team and start all over again as he sees his chances of a second term growing less likely by the day and with each new poll showing him far behind presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden. Just this […]

New Polls In Key U.S. Senate Races Point To A ‘Democratic Wave’ On Election Day

The 2020 election is now less than six months away, and Republicans are getting nervous as they look at polls for Senate races that will decide if they keep control of the upper chamber or Democrats take over. Just last week, there were polls from three key states that raised eyebrows: Colorado: Democrat John Hickenlooper […]

Election Forecaster: Trump Just Made ‘The Dumbest Possible Move’ With His 2020 Campaign

Donald Trump is worried. Specifically, he’s worried that he’s way behind in the polls to Joe Biden and is on the verge of being blown out on Election Day. Trump is so terrified of losing that Gabriel Sherman of Vanity Fair notes the president is considering firing his entire campaign team: “Seeking to change the […]

Political Forecaster Predicts Trump May Well Face The Same Fate As Herbert Hoover

Herbert Hoover, you probably recall from history class, was the 31st President of the United States and president when the Great Depression began in 1929. Rather than respond with bold action and programs to bring the country out of the economic doldrums, Hoover kept insisting that the federal government had no role to play in […]

Mitch McConnell Proves He’s Terrified As New Data Shows Democrats Will Retake The Senate

Everywhere he looks, things are falling apart for Mitch McConnell. Donald Trump is royally screwing up the coronavirus pandemic and his chances of reelection are falling by the day. At the same time, more and more state polls are showing that there’s tremendous anger and frustration in the electorate, with voters calling Trump a failure […]

Noted Conservative Says The GOP Is Headed For A ‘Blowout’ Loss Thanks To Trump

No matter where they turn, Republicans see dark and ominous clouds on the horizon. For example: 68,000+ Americans are dead as result of the novel coronavirus 30 million Americans are unemployed The poll numbers for the head of the GOP, Donald Trump, continue to fall, as do the ones for Congressional Republicans You’d think this […]

Trump’s Approval Rating Among Evangelical Christians Drops Sharply In New Poll

In what may well be a harbinger of what to expect on Election Night in November, Donald Trump’s support is dropping across the board according to a new poll from PRRI, including among evangelical Christians, who have long been among the most loyal of the president’s supporters. Specifically, the PRRI poll shows 66 percent of […]