Trump Just Made It Clear He Intends To Extort Blue States That Need Federal Aid To Survive

You may recall that when President Donald Trump attempted to extort the nation of Ukraine last year for dirt on former Vice President Joe Biden and his son, Hunter, he spelled out the deal he was suggesting this way during his infamous phone call with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky on the matter of sending military […]

Trump Tried To Blame Obama For His Own Virus Testing Failures – It Blew Up In His Face

Poor Donald Trump! He’s screwed up the federal response to the novel coronavirus, the economy is in the crapper, and his approval rating is at its lowest level since he took office. Of course, as it always the case, nothing is ever the Donald’s fault. And he proved that again today at the White House […]

Melania Trump Gets Destroyed After She Offers ‘Thoughts And Prayers’ For Coronavirus Victims

With the U.S. death toll from coronavirus now having surpassed 52,000, First Lady Melania Trump decided she’d take to Twitter and offer up “thoughts and prayers” to the victims. But based on the responses she received, she probably should have remained silent. Here’s Melania’s tweet: Our thoughts & prayers continue to be w/ each person […]

Economies Of Key States Trump Needs To Win In November Are Being Decimated By Coronavirus

When an incumbent president is running for reelection, the number one issue for voters is very straightforward: How’s the economy doing? Or, to borrow a phrase from the late President Ronald Reagan: Are you better off now than you were four years ago? And that question is the one keeping both Donald Trump and his […]

Advisers To Trump Tell Him His Coronavirus Failures Have Likely Cost Him Reelection: REPORT

The West Wing of the White House is awash in political angst, with most of President Donald Trump’s advisers worried that he has already stumbled so badly in dealing with the coronavirus pandemic that winning a second term in office is just about impossible. Politico reports that many Republicans both inside and outside of the […]

New Poll: 65% Of Voters Say Donald Trump Is A Failure As President

To hear Donald Trump tell it, the American people love him and think he’s the greatest president in modern memory. But two new polls suggest otherwise, with two-thirds of those surveyed saying Trump acted too slowly in response to the coronavirus pandemic and failed to adequately protect the nation from the disease, which has so […]

Adam Schiff Has The Absolute Best Response To Trump’s Claim Of ‘Total Authority’

At Monday’s Coronavirus Task Force press briefing, Donald Trump had a full-scale mental meltdown for the ages. He attacked the media for daring to report on his numerous mistakes since COVID-19 first arrived in the United States, launched personal insults at reporters, and then declared that he had the “ultimate authority” to decide if and […]

Lindsey Graham Says Unemployment Benefits Need To Be Cut Or People Will Refuse To Work

In the middle of an economic slowdown caused by the coronavirus pandemic, Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) says unemployment benefits need to be cut because they’re a disincentive to people looking for work. During an appearance on Fox News, Graham remarked: “Here’s the problem. The unemployment benefits in South Carolina are $23/hour to be unemployed. You’ve […]

Jaw-Dropping Poll Shows Many Trump Voters Are Deserting Him

For four years now, pollsters and pundits alike have wondered if there was anything that could possibly lead those who voted for and still support President Donald Trump to abandon him. Trump’s heralded base has been steadfast in their support for him despite his many scandals, missteps, and even impeachment. But it appears the fabled […]

Rachel Maddow Shreds Trump For His ‘Fatal’ Insanity In A Time Of National Crisis

It should be clear to anyone — with the possible exception of the most deluded supporters of President Donald Trump — that he has completely mishandled the coronavirus pandemic and that his ineptitude will lead to even more Americans dying from the disease. But it’s not enough to just accuse Trump of incompetence, which he […]