Eric Trump Gets Hit With Internet Karma When He Brags About His Father’s Coronavirus Response

Poor Eric Trump! He desperately wants to be his father’s favorite child, but that position will always be held by his sister, Ivanka, who seems to be “close” to her father in ways that make most people’s skin crawl. Eric isn’t even as relevant as his brother, Don Jr., who at least gets to flash […]

Hillary Just Said What We’ve All Been Thinking About Trump’s Handling Of The COVID-19 Crisis

Today we learned that Donald Trump is planning to pretend the COVID-19 crisis is all gone as soon as Easter, maybe sooner, not because the danger will be gone, but because he’s terrified of losing in November if the economy goes down the tubes, which it very likely will no matter what he does. Keep […]

Donald Trump’s Reelection Campaign Attacked Rachel Maddow – That Was A Big Mistake

Even though he loves to attack NBC, MSNBC, and their parent company, Comcast, Donald Trump almost never mentions the biggest star at MSNBC, Rachel Maddow. That probably has something to do with the fact that Maddow is a Rhodes scholar with a doctorate in political philosophy from Oxford University and he’s terrified of what would […]

Clueless Trump Wants To Give Healthcare Workers Protective Masks Made From Underwear

Despite Donald Trump’s constant promises that he’s making sure healthcare workers have the protective equipment they so desperately need as they treat patients with coronavirus, there are reports of shortages of gloves and masks across the country. On Sunday, Trump proudly announced that one of his top economic advisers, Peter Navarro, had been in contact […]

One Of Donald Trump’s Coronavirus ‘Miracle Cures’ Has Killed An American

Over the past week or so, Donald Trump has repeatedly mentioned that the FDA has approved the use of two medicines as possible “cures” for coronavirus, hyping them as some sort of miracle drugs that will make COVID-19 go away so he can get back to his MAGA rallies and trying to win a second […]

Maxine Waters Mocks ‘Stupid’ Trump For Failing To Get Safety Equipment To U.S. Hospitals

Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) is sick and tired of Donald Trump promising to help those who are on the front lines of the COVID-19 crisis, and she’s making it clear that she’s had quite enough of the president’s empty words. For weeks now, Trump has paid lip service to making sure medical professionals who are […]

Trump May Forego Social Distancing Policy In Selfish Effort To Prop Up The Economy: REPORT

As he watches the American economy slip into recession and realizes that his reelection prospects are growing dimmer by the day, President Donald Trump is said to be losing patience with his administration’s medical experts and may well urge Americans to go back to the way things were before COVID-19 caused an almost total shutdown […]

GOP Virus Relief Package Includes $500 Billion ‘Slush Fund’ Controlled By Mnuchin

The $1.8 trillion coronavirus financial relief package that President Donald Trump said would be on his desk no later than today remains bottled up in Congress, in large part because Republicans in the House and Senate insist on stuffing the bill with billions in corporate welfare that would benefit some of the richest multinational corporations […]

In The Middle Of A Pandemic, Melania Trump Posts A Ridiculous Message About Parenting

As coronavirus continues to infect more Americans and health workers have to do without protective equipment such as gloves and masks, First Lady Melania Trump thought this would be an ideal time to make a video about how we can all be better parents and teach our children how to wash their hands. Keep in […]

White Supremacists Planned To Use Coronavirus As A Bioweapon For Terror Attacks: Report

As President Trump continues to refer to COVID-19 as a “Chinese virus” in an apparent attempt to stir up hatred among his most ardent supporters, federal law enforcement now has evidence that white supremacist groups in the United States have been discussing use of coronavirus as a bioweapon that could possibly be utilized for domestic […]