Trump Hands Democrats A Powerful Weapon They Can Use To Soundly Defeat Him

In a desperate, selfish attempt to remain both relevant and involved, President Donald Trump has insisted on being the “star” of the daily White House coronavirus press briefings, see-sawing wildly between anger, whining, and demanding that the United States be reopened ASAP like some sort of spoiled two-year-old who has issued a demand and been […]

Trump Hotels Slash 1,500 Jobs As Company Begins To Implode

In yet another sign that the flagship business which makes up the majority of the revenues for the Trump Organization is in serious financial trouble, the New York Times reports that the family-owned company has laid off 1,500 employees at its hotels in the United States and Canada: “The Trump Organization has laid off or […]

Trump Organization Unable To Make Loan Payments – Could Be On Verge Of Financial Collapse

The Trump Organization, like so many American businesses these days, is experiencing a tremendous downturn in revenues, and because the president’s family company is heavily leveraged and owes millions in payments for loans it has taken out, could be on the verge of total financial collapse and the seizure of its assets, according to the […]

This Unearthed Video Of Donald Trump Playing Volleyball Will Leave You Laughing – And Retching

To hear Donald Trump tell it, he’s the absolute best at everything. Business and real estate? Trump would have you believe he’s the most successful real estate developer in the history of the United States, and yet he won’t allow anyone to see his taxes or the taxes of the Trump Organization to prove just […]

Elections Expert: Trump Is The Most Vulnerable Incumbent POTUS Since Jimmy Carter In 1980

40 years ago, in the 1980 presidential election, incumbent President Jimmy Carter (D) lost to the Republican challenger, Ronald Reagan, by one of the largest margins in U.S. history. Carter lost by over 8 million popular votes and in the Electoral College by a margin of 489 to 49, carrying only seven states and the […]

Rachel Maddow Shreds Trump For His ‘Fatal’ Insanity In A Time Of National Crisis

It should be clear to anyone — with the possible exception of the most deluded supporters of President Donald Trump — that he has completely mishandled the coronavirus pandemic and that his ineptitude will lead to even more Americans dying from the disease. But it’s not enough to just accuse Trump of incompetence, which he […]

Trump Urges MORE Tax Cuts For Businesses As The U.S. Death Toll Nears 5,000

Even though he can’t manage to get the vital equipment needed to help doctors and nurses who are caring for those with coronavirus — i.e. ventilators, gloves, gowns, and masks — Donald Trump has a brilliant solution to the crisis facing our country as we steel ourselves for losing as many as 240,000 of our […]

Trump’s Coronavirus Poll Bounce Evaporates As Voters Say He’s Failing In His Duties

A week ago, Donald Trump was riding high when it came to how the American public perceived his handling of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic which has left over 4.600 Americans dead and another 209,000 infected with the often lethal disease. Specifically, a Gallup tracking poll showed that 49 percent of those surveyed approved of the […]

REVEALED: Donald Trump Once Told Ivanka To ‘Ride It Like A Cowboy’ As She Sat On His Lap

It has long been said that there’s something wrong with Donald Trump. And that’s especially true as it relates to his daughter, Ivanka, who serves as a top adviser to her father, along with her husband, Jared Kushner. Over the years, Trump has said that if Ivanka wasn’t his daughter, he’d probably date her. He’s […]

Former Trump Staffer Says The Donald Paid For His Mistresses To Have Multiple Abortions

Donald Trump is a serial philanderer who has cheated on all three of his wives, including his current one, Melania, who he was unfaithful to just months after she gave birth to their son, Barron. That’s when the Donald allegedly had Stormy Daniels spank him with a magazine and then paid her off so she […]