Trump’s Wednesday Makeup Disaster Has Social Media In Stitches

Donald Trump paid a visit to Texas today, where many polls show him tied or narrowly losing to Joe Biden, and he must have really wanted to impress Texas Gov. Greg Abbott, because the way he got his face all painted up he might just as well have put on earrings and lipstick to complete […]

Just Released Video Of Trump Dragging His Leg Raises New Questions About His Health

Given everything that’s going on in the nation and world these days, you can certainly be forgiven if you didn’t know that Donald Trump visited a laboratory in North Carolina on Tuesday that is doing research on a possible vaccine for the novel coronavirus. However, the president did indeed visit the lab, and some footage […]

Donald Trump Desperately Tried To Smear Steve Schmidt – But Schmidt Got The Last Laugh

Donald Trump is terrified of the ads being run by the Lincoln Project. And one of the people in charge of the Lincoln Project is Steve Schmidt, whom you’ve no doubt seen on MSNBC. Schmidt is ardently and vocally anti-Trump, and he’s dedicated his talents to making sure Trump doesn’t get a second term in […]

Surreal Painting From Trump-Worshiping Artist Sets Off Waves Of Scorn And Laughter

The people who fervently support Donald Trump no matter what he says or does are unique in the way they willfully overlook the truth about him and instead pretend he’s some sort of demigod sent by the almighty to right all the perceived wrongs that conservatives see when they look around them. Of course, facts […]

Nikki Haley Gets Dealt A Giant Dose Of Internet Karma For Calling Trump A ‘Selfless’ Leader

When you hear the name Donald Trump, what words come to mind? Here’s a few that would be on most people’s list: Bully, braggart, thin-skinned, liar, narcissist, fake. But do you ever associate the current president with the word “selfless”? Because that’s what former UN Ambassador and governor of South Carolina Nikki Haley called Trump […]

Criminal Investigator Says Donald Trump Is Laundering Money Through Mar-a-Lago

Earlier this week, Pulitzer Prize-winning investigative journalist David Fahrenthold of The Washington Post shared receipts showing that the 2020 Trump campaign made payouts totaling $380,000 for a “donor retreat” held at the president’s Florida golf resort, Mar-a-Lago: In just two days, @realdonaldtrump’s campaign pumped $380K into Trump’s private business, in 43 separate payments. Trump Org […]

Befuddled Trump Suggested That Space Force Uniforms Be Designed By Melania

Proving yet again that he is indeed the most utterly clueless president in U.S. history, we have word today that Donald Trump thought it would be a wonderful idea if his wife, First Lady Melania Trump, designed the uniforms for his fledgling new branch of the military, Space Force According to Time: “Four options, products […]

Noted Physician Humiliates Trump For His Endless Bragging About Passing A Simple Memory Test

Donald Trump — aka the “Stable Genius” — cannot stop bragging about how well he did on a so-called cognitive test, asserting that his performance on the sophomoric evaluation was stunningly impressive. But as The Washington Post notes, the cognitive tool used on Trump was something known as the Montreal Cognitive Assessment, a 10-minute test […]

Biden And Obama Expertly Troll The Thin-Skinned Trump In Brilliant New Campaign Ad

If there’s one thing we’ve learned over the past four years of the current administration, it’s that Donald Trump is absolutely obsessed with former President Barack Obama. He constantly complains about his predecessor and even tries to reverse or destroy every program put into place during Obama’s two terms in office. So it seems only […]

Is Donald Trump On The Verge Of Giving Ghislaine Maxwell A Presidential Pardon?

Something very strange transpired at Tuesday’s Coronavirus Task Force press conference, which was really just Donald Trump standing up and rambling wildly before he took a few questions from reporters. One of those questions was about accused sex trafficker Ghislaine Maxwell, who is current in federal custody and facing felony charges that could wind up […]