GOP Tax Bill Is So Bad That Republicans Admit They’ll Need Another One To ‘Fix’ It

As a rule, when Congress writes and passes a piece of legislation, they try to work out any possible problems with the bill before they actually pass it. But when it comes to the GOP tax bill, it appears they’ll go full steam ahead, even though they realize there are major problems with the so-called […]

Former Wall Street Exec On Trump Tax Plan: ‘This Is A Tax Break For Donald Trump’ (VIDEO)

On Wednesday, Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin presented the Trump administration’s “tax reform” plan, even though there’s no reform, only more trickle down voodoo economics calling for massive tax cuts for business and the rich. Yeah, because that worked so well in the past. The Trump tax plan (a one-page bullet-point sheet) was the subject of […]

Newt Gingrich Just ADMITTED That Donald Trump’s Economic Plan Is Total B.S

It’s been a rough week for GOP nominee Donald Trump. From his criticisms of a Gold Star family who lost their son in Iraq to his falling poll numbers, Trump has had one of the worst weeks of any candidate in modern memory. And now we have a Trump ally, former Speaker of the House […]

Hillary Clinton: Trump Is Dangerous For The Economy; The ‘King Of Debt’ (Video)

In the key battleground state of Ohio today, presumptive Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton portrayed Donald Trump as a threat to the national economic health of the United States. Clinton tied her criticism of Trump to his record as a businessman, telling her audience: “You might think that because he has spent his life as a […]

EXPOSED: Elizabeth Warren Calls Out Investment Firms For Lying To Consumers And Congress

Perhaps you’ve seen the commercials that run from time to time on television regarding a rather obscure subject to most of us: the Conflict of Interest rule. Simply put, this new rule requires that investment advisers act in the best interest of their clients instead of their own. Makes sense, doesn’t it, but the insurance […]