Former Trump Business Partner Tells His Family He And POTUS ‘Are Going To Prison’

In the months ahead, as the investigation into President Trump’s possible collusion with Russia intensifies, chances are good that one name you’ll be hearing a lot of is Felix Sater. Sater has done numerous business deals with Trump over the years, and is alleged to have ties to various organized crime organizations in the United States and […]

Obstruction Of Justice: Entire Senior FBI Staff Set To Testify Against Trump

Not long after Robert Mueller was appointed to be special counsel in the Trump-Russia matter, the acting director of the FBI, Andrew McCabe informed many of the top-level managers in the agency that they would more than likely be possible witnesses in the investigation of whether or not President Trump committed obstruction of justice. While […]

Robert Mueller’s Latest Move Suggests Mike Pence Is Also Under Investigation (DETAILS)

Washington was abuzz with chatter this week as a report in the the Wall Street Journal revealed that Special Counsel Robert Mueller has impaneled a grand jury as part of his ongoing investigation into the Russia matter. But on Friday, a new revelation in the Russia probe seemed to suggest that not only is Mueller looking into President […]

WATCH: Asked About Russia, Floundering Conway Brings Up…Benghazi?!

These are desperate, paranoid times at the White House. As multiple investigations of possible collusion with Russia branch out and grand juries meet to issue subpoenas, President Trump and his advisers are searching for something (anything!) they can use as a talking point. A perfect example was offered by White House adviser Kellyanne Conway when […]

Deranged Fox News Host Warns Of An ‘Uprising’ If Any Trump Family Members Are Indicted

If you thought that President Trump and members of the Trump administration were sweating the news that a grand jury has been impaneled by Special Counsel Robert Mueller, then something said Friday morning on Fox News proves that the network clearly has their noses stuck straight up the presidential wazoo. Appearing on Fox & Friends, Fox […]

WATCH Clueless Conway Claim Russian Interference Is ‘Not An Issue Of National Security’

With the news Thursday that Special Counsel Robert Mueller has now convened a grand jury in Washington as part of his investigation into possible collusion between President Trump and campaign staffers with Russian agents during the 2016 campaign, the White House sent out its designated BS spewers to try and spin dross into gold. On […]

Former CIA Agents Detail How Trump’s Collusion With Russia Probably Happened

As Special Counsel Robert Mueller continues his investigation into the Trump-Russia matter, there remains plenty of unanswered questions regarding how and when possible collusion between the president and Russia may have begun, and why exactly Trump may have decided to engage in such risky behavior. Two former CIA agents, former chief of station for the CIA […]

Ex-NSA Analyst: Trump Is ‘Expendable’ To Putin–POTUS Should Be Terrified Of What’s Next

With the passage of a new sanctions bill by Congress which President Trump says he will sign, along with the Russian move to expel 755 American diplomats in retaliation, it would appear that the two nations are on the brink of a second Cold War. Ex-NSA analyst John Schindler, who has written extensively on the Trump-Russia […]

Kushner Statement Suggests Russia Tried To Blackmail Trump Days Before 2016 Election (DETAILS)

Monday morning, just hours before he met with members of the Senate Intelligence Committee in private, Jared Kushner, senior adviser and son-in-law to President Trump, issued an 11-page statement to the media in which he admitted to meeting with Russian officials but denied he colluded with a hostile foreign government in Moscow. But Kushner’s statement could prove […]

WATCH A Former Bush Ethics Attorney Say If Trump Pardons Himself, He Should Move To Moscow

This week we learned that President Trump and his legal team are already looking into ways they can subvert the ongoing Russia investigation being conduced by special counsel Robert Mueller. According to the Washington Post, Trump has already asked about the possibility of pardoning everyone under investigation, including himself. On MSNBC’s The 11th Hour With Brian Williams Friday evening, […]