Missouri Lt. Governor: Eric Holder, Obama, Their ‘Minions’ More Racist Than Ferguson

Missouri Lieutenant Governor Peter Kinder says the protests in Ferguson, Missouri, were unwarranted and “based on a lie,” and that he believes there is more racism in the U.S. Department of Justice than there ever has been in the St. Louis area of his state. Feel free to laugh uncontrollably at this point. During an […]

Careful Where You Step, You Might Offend a Cop

No doubt you heard about the five St. Louis Rams players who raised their arms as they took the field Sunday  in a show of sympathy and compassion with protesters in Ferguson, Missouri, who are still upset by the lack of an indictment for Officer Darren Wilson’s shooting of Michael Brown, an unarmed teenager.  One […]

What Did We Learn From Ferguson?

The announcement, when it finally came, was nearly thirty minutes late and delivered by St. Louis Prosecuting Attorney Robert McCulloch in a tone more appropriate for an undertaker. Perhaps McCullough knew the impact of what he was about to say, and perhaps he also realized just how badly he and the rest of the authorities […]