Donald Trump’s Claim Of ‘Tapes’ Is Total BS–Here’s How We Know (VIDEO)

As the Russia investigation threatens to consume both the White House and the Republican Party, the Trump administration has been given a deadline: Turn over any “tapes” of conversations between President Trump and former FBI Director James Comey by no later than June 23. Rest assured, there will be no recordings handed over because none […]

Kellyanne Conway BUSTED Trashing White House Chief Of Staff Priebus At Embassy Party

Whenever a major story from the New York Times or Washington Post runs with the aid of confidential sources in the Trump administration, President Trump can always be counted on to bash the articles as “fake news” and then proclaim that the “leakers” need to be prosecuted. Does that mean that senior counselor Kellyanne Conway should […]

Donnie Jr. Defends Daddy’s Hateful Tweets: ‘He’s Been Right Every Time’ (VIDEO)

Not long after the horrific terror attack in London over the weekend, President Trump tweeted out a harsh criticism of London Mayor Sadiq Khan: At least 7 dead and 48 wounded in terror attack and Mayor of London says there is "no reason to be alarmed!" — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) June 4, 2017 As […]

More Criminal Activity: Trump Used Money From His Foundation To Finance White House Run

Donald Trump is currently under investigation in the matter of Russian interference in the 2016 election, but a new investigation may be in the offing based on a report in RealClearPolitics. According to the report: In the three years from 2011 to 2014, leading up to the announcement of his candidacy, the Trump Foundation donated almost […]

WATCH A GOP Congressman Say People Who Lead ‘Good Lives’ Should Pay Less Than Those With Pre-Existing Conditions

Sometimes I wonder: Do Republicans have to go out of their way to be complete jerks and jackasses or does it just comes naturally to most of them? Mo Brooks is a GOP Congressman from Alabama, and according to him, the whole debate over whether or not to keep coverage for those with pre-existing conditions […]

CNN’s Ana Navarro Sums Up Trump’s 100 Days: ‘2 Minutes Of Unity’ And ‘Golfed 20 Times’ (VIDEO)

Did Donald Trump accomplish anything in his first 100 days? He managed to pass no legislation, achieved no foreign polity breakthroughs, and his two most hyped executive orders (the travel ban and taking money away from so-called sanctuary cities) were both put on indefinite hold by federal courts. On CNN’s State of the Union Sunday […]

Wait Until You Hear What The Trump Team Has Really Spent The First 100 Days Doing!

Let’s see, with about 48 hours until the Trump team reaches the 100 days in office mark, what do they have to show for their efforts? It would appear the answer is: But hey, maybe we should cut the Trump administration some slack, because according to a report from Politico, the Trumpers are just now […]

Bill Maher UNLOADS On ‘Whiny Little B*tch’ Donald Trump (VIDEO)

Donald Trump loves to brag about how tough he is as a businessman. To hear him tell it, he’s the most shrewd and brilliant business genius in the world. Oh, and his hands aren’t incredibly small for a man of his height. So don’t even think that he might be…inadequate…in certain areas. But as Bill […]

New Poll Suggests Ted Cruz Could Be Texas Toast In 2018

There is probably no state that is more reliably Republican than Texas. The last time the Lone Star state went for a Democrat in a presidential election was 1976, when Jimmy Carter carried the state. No Democrat has been governor of the state since 1995, when Ann Richards left office after losing to George W. […]

Testy Trump Says Of Hillary Clinton: ‘She Was Guilty Of Every Charge’ (VIDEO)

As the Donald Trump Deflection Tour continues, the so-called president is lashing out at Hillary Clinton yet again, even though he won the election. Apparently the Donald knows he’s in deep trouble on the connections to and collusion with Russia, so he thought it’d be a good time to try and shift the focus yet […]