A*shat Georgia GOP Official Calls John Lewis A ‘Racist Pig’ On Facebook

Tommy Hunter is a  Republican member of the Gwinnett County Board of Commissioners in Georgia, and over the weekend when he heard that Congressman John Lewis had said he didn’t consider Trump to be a “legitimate” president, he decided to post his thoughts on his Facebook page: Hunter also placed this on his Facebook page: This […]

Conway Says Facts About Russia Probe Must Be Kept Secret ‘To Protect The Public’

Just so you know, all the information American intelligence agencies have collected regarding Russian interference in the 2016 election and any connection to Donald Trump need to be kept from the public as a way of protecting them. Such was the ludicrous statement which came from senior Trump adviser Kellyanne Conway Sunday morning when she […]

JUST IN: Penthouse May Have The Goods On ‘Golden Boy’ Donnie

Earlier this week when rumors began swirling that Russian intelligence operatives had embarrassing information about Donald Trump’s financial and personal dealings while traveling in Europe, Penthouse magazine let it be known they would gladly pay a $1 million reward to anyone who could provide video evidence that Trump had indeed engaged in sexual escapades. Today, […]

Was That A Donald Trump Press Conference Or A Theater Of The Absurd Performance?

WTF was that?! If you watched the so-called “press conference” Donald Trump held today, then you may feel as if you just emerged from a surreal landscape where nothing is as it seems. Salvador Dali would be damn proud. It began with the warm-up acts: Sean Spicer and Mike Pence. Why were they called on […]

Trump’s Mocking Of A Disabled Reporter Has Come Back To Bite Him On The As* Once Again

Back in November of 2015, Donald Trump made fun Serge Kovaleski, a reporter for the New York Times who happens to suffer from arthrogryposis. Here’s the video of Trump mocking Kovaleski: The issue of Trump’s actions has again come to the fore with a speech actress Meryl Streep gave Sunday evening at the Golden Globe awards in […]

Security Analyst Warns: Trump Will ‘Gut The Intelligence Community’ To Hide Connections To Russia (VIDEO)

Even before American intelligence agencies released a report on Friday in which they stated that Russia did indeed interfere with the 2016 election to tip the balance in favor of Donald Trump, Trump advisers had begun to hint that the President-elect would “restructure” the intelligence community because he believed it had become overly “politicized.” But […]

Chuck Todd: Clearly, Donald Trump Has Some Major ‘Daddy Issues’

For months now, we’ve all been trying to gain some sort of insight into Donald Trump as a way of better understanding what motivates him. And Meet the Press host Chuck Todd just helped shed more light on the enigma that is the Donald. On the Politico podcast “Off Message,” Todd revealed that Trump watches […]

Obama Named Most Admired Man Of 2016; Beats Out Trump By Wide Margin

President Obama was just named the most admired man of the year, the ninth time consecutive he has won that title, and he beat out Donald Trump by a pretty hefty margin. Trump Twitter tantrum set to begin in 3, 2, 1….. The Gallup organization releases a poll annually as the year ends to determine […]

Trump Surrogate Gets Mocked For Pay-To-Play Hypocrisy Of President-Elect (VIDEO)

During the 2016 race for the White House, Donald Trump repeatedly accused former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton of using the Clinton Foundation as a way of enriching herself by providing favors to those who would make large donations. Trump said it was the perfect example of “pay-for-play.” But now it appears Trump and his […]

GAME OVER! Trump’s National Security Adviser Met With Leader Of Nazi Party

General Michael Flynn, who has been chosen by Donald Trump to serve as his National Security Adviser when Trump takes office in January, met recently in Austria with a man named Heinz-Christian Strache. Strache, it should be noted, is head of the virulently anti-immigrant Freedom Party, which was founded after World War II by former Nazis. […]