WATCH A Former Bush Ethics Attorney Say If Trump Pardons Himself, He Should Move To Moscow

This week we learned that President Trump and his legal team are already looking into ways they can subvert the ongoing Russia investigation being conduced by special counsel Robert Mueller. According to the Washington Post, Trump has already asked about the possibility of pardoning everyone under investigation, including himself. On MSNBC’s The 11th Hour With Brian Williams Friday evening, […]

Conway Hints Trump May Fire Special Counsel: POTUS Will Hold Mueller ‘Accountable’

While it’s certainly possible that President Trump, as he continually maintains, has no connections whatsoever to Russia, it seems odd that an innocent man would repeatedly threaten to try and get rid of the special counsel investigating the matter. During an appearance on Fox News Friday morning, White House adviser Kellyanne Conway seemed to suggest that Trump […]

Report: Putin’s Collection Of Congressional Puppets Existed Long Before Installing Trump

At about the same time Donald Trump Jr. was meeting with several Russians in June of 2016, a new report suggests that a Republican member of Congress from California had already begun to do the bidding of the Kremlin in an effort to get sanctions modified or lessened. According to The Daily Beast:  “After being given […]

JUST IN: Trump And Putin Held Second, Secret Meeting At G-20 Summit

Though you can probably expect him to whine that it’s “fake news,” we now know that President Trump had a second meeting with Russian president Vladimir Putin during the G-20 summit last week in Hamburg. Political scientist Ian Bremmer said on the Charlie Rose Show that the second meeting, which was informal, took place on the sidelines […]

WATCH Joy Reid Fact Check A Trump Apologist Into Silence

With each new revelation about contacts between members of the Trump associates and Russian operatives, those who support the president create new, increasingly ridiculous talking points in an attempt to shift the discussion away from the White House. On AM Joy Sunday, conservative activist Herb London was a panel member for a discussion about Donald Trump Jr.’s […]

Trump’s ‘Christian’ Attorney Says Morals, Ethics Don’t Matter In A Campaign (VIDEO)

Jay Sekulow, who serves as one of President Trump’s attorneys, is also Chief Counsel for the American Center for Law and Justice, which claims to be a “Christian” organization. So what Sekulow said Sunday morning on CNN’s State of the Union is more than a bit hypocritical. Host Jake Tapper asked Sekulow about Donald Trump Jr.’s meeting with Russians […]

Fox Newser Says Dems ‘Foaming At The Mouth’ To Execute Donald Trump Jr.

It seems that the Trump-worshiping minions in the right-wing media are deeply upset by the fact that Democrats are daring to make a big deal of the fact that the president’s son, Donald Trump Jr., met with a Russian attorney and former Russian intelligence officer during the 2016 race for the White House. Take for […]

WATCH Joy Reid Make A Trump Supporter Squirm When Asked About The Russia Probe

Those who support President Trump are eager to try and downplay the revelations that his son, Donald Jr. and two other members of his 2016 campaign met with a Russian attorney and former Russian intelligence officer in June of last year, but no matter how hard they try to spin the meeting, the facts–and appearance […]

Mike Pence’s Press Secretary Refuses To Say If The VP Has Ever Met With Any Russians

As Vice President Mike Pence seeks to distance himself as much as humanly possible from the increasingly bad news regarding the Russia investigation, his press secretary was a guest on Fox News and was unable to say definitively that his boss had never met with any Russians during the 2016 race for the White House. […]

WATCH Anderson Cooper Put A Trump Aide on FULL BLAST For Insulting CNN

When members of the Trump administration don’t like the questions they’re being asked by a member of the press, they resort to a tactic their boss is fond of: Hurling insults and crying about “fake news.” Wednesday evening on CNN, host Anderson Cooper had quite enough of the “blame the media” game and lit into […]