WATCH: Top GOPer Accidentally Admits He’s Coordinating Attacks On Mueller With White House

Over the past few months, Jim Jordan (R-OH) has been one of the shrillest critics of Special Counsel Robert Mueller, even going so far as to question the integrity of both Mueller and his boss, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, when the Deputy AG appeared before the House Judiciary Committee. But now, thanks to a verbal slip-up […]

Robert Mueller’s Latest Move Should Scare The Hell Out Of Jared Kushner

Over the weekend, the latest revelation about potentially damaging information obtained by Special Counsel Robert Mueller was about emails from the Trump transition team, which Trump officials tried to suggest was somehow illegal, a blatant lie. Mueller’s team, meanwhile, informed the White House in no uncertain terms that they were not the slightest bit intimidated, […]

REPORT: Mueller Is About To Arrest A Very Big Fish In the Russia Probe

Can you determine a person’s future actions based on those they’ve taken in the past? And if so, what might that tell us about what’s about to happen? Could we make a reasonable projection based on prior events? Bill Palmer of Palmer Report has found what could well be a “tell” that lets us know […]

MSNBC Security Analyst: Steve Bannon Is About To Be Indicted By Mueller

As the Russia investigation draws closer to the Oval Office by the day, one name that has been conspicuously absent the past few months is former White House adviser Steve Bannon, who has returned to his duties as head of the right-wing online hate site Breitbart News. But over the weekend on AM Joy, National Security Analyst Malcolm […]

Are Donald Trump Jr. And Jared Kushner About To Be Arrested?

What will be the next shoe to drop in the Russia investigation being conducted by Special Counsel Robert Mueller? Paul Manafort has been indicted. Michael Flynn and George Papadopoulos have both pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI. Who’s up next? New information seems to point to Donald Trump Jr. and Jared Kushner, both of whom were at the […]

Pence And His Allies Terrified Of What Questions Mueller Will Ask Them

Mike Pence knows it’s coming, and he’s dreading it like a root canal. Before long, the vice president is going to be asked to appear before Special Counsel Robert Mueller for an interview, and word is that he and some of his aides are terrified what Mueller might ask. As CNN reports: “Pence — who was […]

SMOKING GUN: Uncovered Emails Prove Trump Officials Were Aware Of Russian Collusion

Ever since the 2016 election and subsequent investigations of Russian interference in the process, President Trump has steadfastly maintained that neither he or anyone on his team has any connections to Russia or Russian figures. But a trove of emails released by The New York Times suggests Trump is lying yet again. According to a new report from the Times: “In fact, […]

Rachel Maddow: The Flynn Plea Deal Proves Mueller Plans To Take Down Pence, Too

When Michael Flynn agreed to plead guilty on a charge of lying to the FBI Friday, many said it was very bad news for President Trump. But it was also a seismic event for Vice President Mike Pence. On her show Friday evening, Rachel Maddow began connecting the dots on how the Flynn plea impacts Pence: “Vice President […]