Corrupt Conway: Having To Be Ethical Discourages People From Serving In Government

White House counselor Kellyanne Conway, who never passes on an opportunity to lie or whine on television, was a guest Thursday morning on Fox News, and this time she was complaining about ethics rules in place for those who serve in government. Appearing on Fox & Friends, Conway commented on the financial disclosure form of White House Communications […]

WATCH Joy Reid Fact Check A Trump Apologist Into Silence

With each new revelation about contacts between members of the Trump associates and Russian operatives, those who support the president create new, increasingly ridiculous talking points in an attempt to shift the discussion away from the White House. On AM Joy Sunday, conservative activist Herb London was a panel member for a discussion about Donald Trump Jr.’s […]

Former Employee Of Jared Kushner Blasts Him As Incompetent–Calls Him A ‘Sh*thead’

On Thursday, both NBC News and the Washington Post were able to confirm from multiple sources that Jared Kushner, a senio adviser to President Donald Trump and also his son-in-law, is now a focus of the FBI investigation into possible collusion between Trump, campaign staffers, and Russian operatives as part of the 2016 election. Specifically, […]