President Obama Was Asked If Brexit Means Trump Will Win; His Reply Will Delight You (Video)

Ever since the Brexit vote in Great Britain last week, Donald Trump has been saying that the results of the referendum prove he’s on the right side of history and that it’s a harbinger of great things to come for him in November. Trump even said that Americans will be able to reject “the global elite” […]

President Obama Endorses Hillary Clinton, Says ‘I’m With Her’ (Video)

Saying “I’m with her,” President Barack Obama formally endorsed presumptive Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton in a video message. The President also noted: “I don’t think there’s ever been someone so qualified to hold this office.” The Clinton campaign responded to the President’s endorsement on social media: President Obama endorses Hillary: "I don’t think there’s ever […]

WATCH: Elizabeth Warren Verbally Flips Off The Donald In Graduation Address

In recent weeks, a bit of a Twitter war has erupted between Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren and the presumptive GOP nominee, Donald Trump. But over the weekend, Senator Warren used a commencement address at Bridgewater State University as the platform to drop what amounted to a nuclear weapon right atop the dead animal that sits […]

President Obama Warns The Nation About The Dangers Of A Trump Nomination (Video)

For nearly a year now, political scientists, pundits, politicians, and assorted pontificators have weighed in on the issue of whether or not the United States would be harmed by a potential Donald Trump presidency. Would he be good for America or would he be the end of the country as we know and love it? […]

With One Statement, President Obama LEVELS Fox News And Donald Trump (Video)

The Fox News douches could not contain their glee this week. They had managed to get President Obama to sit down for an interview on “Fox New Sunday” with Chris Wallace for the very first time in his Presidency. The Fox folks were no doubt anticipating cornering the President and seeing if they could embarrass […]

This Ad Will Show You Exactly Why Bernie Sanders Is Surging In The Polls (Video)

Even though Hillary Clinton may wind up winning the Democratic nomination, you have to tip your cap to Bernie Sanders. He has made what many thought was a foregone conclusion into one hell of a close race. Could Sanders still overtake Clinton in the battle for convention delegates? Time will tell. A new ad released […]

Attacks In Brussels? Time For The GOP To Blame Obama

It has become so predictable you can almost set your watch to it: Something bad happens somewhere in the world, and the right wingers immediately form a line so they can begin their attacks on President Obama. They did it after the terrorist attacks in Paris and then repeated it when the San Bernardino shootings […]

Elizabeth Warren Goes On Awesome Twitterstorm, Calls Trump Out

It seems clear that no matter who the Democratic nominee may be this year, Elizabeth Warren will play a major role in taking the fight to the GOP front-runner, Donald Trump. Monday has been D-Day for Warren, and she has taken to Trump’s favorite form of social media, Twitter, to call the bully out and […]

Elizabeth Warren Just Took To Facebook And DESTROYED Donald Trump (VIDEO)

For months now, many people from various quarters have weighed in on what can best be called the Long National Nightmare of the 2016 election: Donald J. Trump. Even members of his own party are starting to say they may have to rethink their so-called “loyalty pledge” to support the GOP nominee if it happens […]

BOOM! Elizabeth Warren Just Put The GOP On Notice For Their Plans To Block SCOTUS Pick

No sooner had Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia been pronounced dead than the carping on the right began, and it all sounded the same: How dare President Obama even consider nominating a replacement for Scalia in the last year of his term in office! Mitch McConnell, the Senate Majority Leader and resident Senate turtle, posted […]