Crowd Makes MSNBC Reporter Feel The Bern After She Suggests Bernie Supporters Aren’t Democrats (VIDEO)

As the 2016 Democratic race has progressed over the past few months and Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders has begun to amass victories and delegates, a frequent refrain has been that Sanders just became a Democrat for political expedience. Some pundits have also suggested that those who support Sanders are not actually Democrats, either, but a […]

This Ad Will Show You Exactly Why Bernie Sanders Is Surging In The Polls (Video)

Even though Hillary Clinton may wind up winning the Democratic nomination, you have to tip your cap to Bernie Sanders. He has made what many thought was a foregone conclusion into one hell of a close race. Could Sanders still overtake Clinton in the battle for convention delegates? Time will tell. A new ad released […]

BOOM! Elizabeth Warren Just Put The GOP On Notice For Their Plans To Block SCOTUS Pick

No sooner had Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia been pronounced dead than the carping on the right began, and it all sounded the same: How dare President Obama even consider nominating a replacement for Scalia in the last year of his term in office! Mitch McConnell, the Senate Majority Leader and resident Senate turtle, posted […]

Bryan Cranston’s Message To Dick Cheney: ‘Shame On You’ For What You Did To America

I want to say right up front that Bryan Cranston is one of my favorite actors working today. I was a huge fan of “Breaking Bad,” and one of the main reasons I watched it so faithfully was because Cranston has such an amazing ability to bring reality and depth to the characters he plays. And […]